10 Landing Page Optimization Tips

February 1, 2014

The landing page is an important conversion factor that you must take into account first before buying targeted traffic. Even if this is not set as the main entry point for your visitors, it is still imperative to optimize your sales copy for optimum conversion. While there are many portals in your site where traffic will go to, your main goal is to eventually lead all your targeted visitors to the landing page where you are aggressively marketing to your prospects with the aim of converting traffic into sales.

So, before buying traffic for website, it is important to optimize your landing page first to ensure that majority of your paid visitors will convert into profits. The landing page has numerous components. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to landing page optimization. You will have to deal with each of the critical aspects of the landing page in order to optimize it better for higher conversion. However, you don’t have to deal with all of the things in the landing page; just focus on the important elements and you are good to go. Here are a few things that you can start with


1. Go Direct to the Point

Keep in mind that in the landing page, majority of the viewers are ready to buy, so get direct to the point. If you want to explain something, do it in your posts not in the landing page, which is not the best place for long boring explanations and discussions. So get rid of the fuss and muss.   Instead, go straight to what prospects and buyers really want and are craving for. These are the product features, the benefits, and the probable consequences if they do not get your offers right now. If there is really a need for a brief explanation, then just ensure that the juicy bits are properly highlighted so that they will stand out. Sometimes, people ready to buy will skip reading long paragraphs. Rather, they will just scan the entire page and read only the highlighted statements.


2. Avoid or Get Rid of the Clutter

Don’t confuse your prospects with so much clutter in your landing page; this will only make them feel uncomfortable that some of them will eventually leave. Therefore, take down all unnecessary items that will only add to the mess. Strip down the sales copy to its simplest form while retaining only the important properties that are truly beneficial to the readers.   Follow the O-R-R-R procedure when cleaning your webpage. Observe your landing page from a distance and try to pinpoint the obstructions. Next, remove the redundant items, then rinse and repeat the procedure until your sales copy is optimized. Certainly, this is just a guide. You can make your own technique of cleaning up the mess, or you can tweak and modify the above procedure to suit your needs.


3. Segment Your Audience

If you are carrying a lot of products in your line, it would be best to group your audiences into segments rather than having a landing page that caters to a general audience. While there is nothing wrong with that, your conversion rate will be higher if you market to a more specific segment. Ideally, make a unique landing page for each segment, or create one separate landing page per product, if your budget permits.


4. Get Rid of the Navigation

Always bear in mind that the landing page is the last stage of buying or marketing. If you don’t do a good job here, then you’re probably done and your prospects are lost. In other words, this is your last chance of converting your traffic into sales. So stay focused on your sales pitch, while at the same time ensuring that your visitors are focused on your sales copy, as well.


5. Put YourPrimary Statement Above the Fold

The above the fold, or the space right above the content just below the header, is considered the prime lot in your landing page. This is due to the fact that this is the mostly viewed space in the entire page compared to the rest. Therefore, place your primary statement here; better yet, put the call-to-statement above the fold for higher views.


6. Repeat Your Call-to-Action Statement at Comfortable Intervals

Always assure your audience that they are still in the right place as they read through the entire sales copy by repeatedly reminding them of your CTA statement. More importantly, some prospects may be already convinced halfway through and they don’t need further marketing and convincing. So get them into straight into action right away by repeatedly inserting the CTA statement at strategic places.


7. Add a Screencast to Reinforce Your Message

More people today are too lazy to read long text pages. They prefer to watch videos, instead. So make sure that you are not missing this part by adding a screencast of your sales copy. As a matter of fact, some landing pages are mainly videos, although this is not highly recommended since there are still people who prefer to read things out. Either way, it is best to provide prospects more options to increase your conversion.


8. Reinforce Customer Confidence with Customer Reviews

One of the success ingredients of Amazon’s landing pages is the customer review and rating. This is where many prospects get their confidence to buy certain products. So highlight the reviews and the ratings of your happy customers. But to create balance, you should publish the negative feedback, as well. Knowing the pros and cons can help boost customers’ confidence and trust.


9. Give Your Prospects Further Assurance with a Guarantee

There are many different types of buyers, and some buyers are really hard to sell despite all the nice bits and juices about the product, and in spite of all the positive reviews and high ratings. As a last resort, add guarantee to a risk-free investment by giving them full refund within a short time after purchase. Some may take advantage of this offer to get your product for free, but most often than not this will actually add more sales compared to landing pages without refund policy.


10. Split-Test Your Buy Buttons or Shopping Cart

Don’t forget the most important part, which is your shopping cart or the buy button. This is the channel through which visitors are transformed into customers. So make sure that they all pass through smoothly without flaw. Make sure that all the buttons are working properly to ensure sales will also push through. Otherwise, all your time and spent on buying targeted traffic will become superfluous, and your investment lost.


While the above tips are not mandatory, observing them can make a lot of differences to the results when you buy visitors to your website. That is why it is important to follow the above tips before buying targeted traffic to ensure better returns from your investment. However, the landing page is not the only component of your site that you should look into. There are other blog elements like the web design, the contents, and the social buttons, among others. In short, prepare your site for the upcoming surge of visits prior to purchasing them for optimum performance.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

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