3 Tips To Secure Your Website

October 13, 2016

Every October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month here in the United States. The month celebrates cyber security and how it applies to both our work and personal lives. Sometimes when you run your business you are overwhelmed with orders, customer complaints, or simply the day to day tasks it takes to keep the lights on. Take a second to look at these tips that can help protect your business from hackers.

Security Education

Whether you are a small staff of 1 or have multiple people working for you, the need to educate your employees about cyber security is important. Security awareness training is a great way to educate your employees on some security best practices such as phishing, passwords, social engineering, and other threats. It is important your employees are educated so they do not give away your business or customer information to a hacker. Sometimes hackers can pretend they are legit customers when they are trying to steal data and information from your company.


If you run an e-commerce website you must have an SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate. This is installed on your server and protects your customers sensitive information by encrypting their data. This is mandatory for PCI compliance as well as protecting your website and customers from hackers. The process is very easy to install and work with your web host provider to get you started. In most cases they will actually install it for you in a matter of minutes.

Security Plugins

If you are running WordPress or a CMS for your website, it needs to be protected. Make sure you follow some basic procedures such as making a difficult password on your admin accounts. This is an easy way a hacker can break in to your admin panel and disrupt your business. You also want to keep your orders and customers safe from hackers. Install popular security plugins that can help protect your website and alert you if something goes wrong.

So follow these tips and many more this October and beyond. Your business is important and your website is the face of your business.


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