3 Ways a Mobile Site can Increase Website Traffic

September 29, 2016

There are three advantages to creating a mobile site to increase a business’ website traffic. A website is an excellent way to promote and advertise a business while also informing the consumer to find them. A website can also provide information to a potential customer about what kinds of services they provide. However, in a world where most people use their phones or tablets, a mobile site provides a much easier way to navigate the website, and contact a company about their services.

Turn Visitors into Customers

When a website is sent over text message or email, it is a big deterrent for the recipient when they click on the link and are treated to a jumbled mess or a desktop version of the site. If it is hard for the visitor to access and navigate the website from their mobile device, it will cause them to back out of it and find a more mobile-friendly website. Reports have shown that about 60% of mobile users will abandon the page if it is too difficult to use on their mobile device. When a business utilize a mobile site, it can bring in more visitors who have a higher chance of becoming customers. Most people nowadays are more likely to web search while on the go than on a computer, which makes having a mobile site important for any business to have.

Save Time for Loading

Studies have shown that if a website does not load between 6 and 10 seconds on their mobile device, the potential customer will leave the site and search out one that will load faster. If a company has a mobile site, it will increase its chances on their web visitor to become customers. A mobile site makes navigation much easier and faster, and in an economy where most people use their phones or tablets, this is important. Desktop websites load very slowly on a mobile device, and some may not even load at all. A mobile site is designed for speed because it is programed to work for mobile devices.

Beat The Competition!

Businesses without a mobile site or separate HTML website are more likely to miss potential customers to their competitors. Search engines such as Google advertise “mobile friendly” websites for its users, and recommends that companies make a mobile site or a separate HTML website so that they will rank well with a Google mobile search. If a competitor has a mobile site that another company does not, there is a higher chance that they will receive more visitors and thus more customers.

A mobile site is important for any business to have. Mobile sites can increase website traffic because it is convenient not only to the times, but also for the visitors who are interested in a company’s services. It can save time when it comes to loading the site for view, and will be more appealing to those who search for a business in a search engine, such as Google. In short, to increase website traffic, a website is important. In order to convert more website visitors to customers, the website needs to be easily accessible to them and a mobile site is a sure way to ensure that it happens.

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