3 Ways to Get Guaranteed Traffic to Your Website

December 13, 2016

You can have the most professional-looking website, and the best product on the market, but if no one knows you exist, you will have no customers and hence, no business. With no revenue, you’ll have to close up shop and claim your enterprise as a failure. Luckily, things don’t need to get to that point. Why? Because there are some very powerful methods you can use to get guaranteed traffic to your website. Here are just 3 of them:

  • Social media: Twitter and Facebook are all the rage when it comes to marketing and for good reason. With remarketing tools, you can reach targeted customers even on their mobile devices. You can upload your email list into Facebook and capture their attention on their social accounts. Twitter remarketing works in much the same way. Aside from these two powerhouses, there is also LinkedIn, which is an undervalued but very powerful tool you can use to target customers to your website and build a referral base.
  • Create a quiz: People love taking quizzes and if they are not too long, they can become one of your primary methods of directing traffic to your site. They’re also very easy to promote on social media sites like Facebook. There are dozens of sites out there that will let you create a quiz for free (or at a very low cost). Use your imagination to come up with unique questions but not too difficult that it will take them a long time to answer; that will quickly have them moving on to another site.
  • Buy website traffic: There are several online companies that offer targeted, fast website traffic. There is a definite advantage to purchasing traffic because you don’t have to worry about any of the advertising or marketing yourself (although you shouldn’t rely solely on purchased traffic!). The biggest advantage of buying traffic is that you can customize your packages, according to your business needs. Whether you want localized traffic (local to your area), or you just want a certain number of unique visitors, you can specify what you want. These companies have major network advertising methods and they get a tremendous amount of leads and traffic each month. You can have these visitors spread out over a period of time if you like, or get them all at once; the choice is up to you.

There are many other ways to generate traffic to your website, including email campaigns, blogs, articles and offline methods. If you’re short on time, want an influx of visitors fast, or you don’t consider yourself to be internet-savvy, your best option may be to buy website traffic. If you’re just starting your business, this could be a good way to get up and running fast, to get you some revenue and start on the right track. Remember that marketing methods are ever-evolving, and you need to keep up with the trend. What works today may not work tomorrow; you may want to hire a social media or marketing manager to help keep you abreast of changes and trends.

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