4 Elements to a Successful Mobile Website

August 30, 2016

Smartphones, smartphones everywhere!

Around spring time and the beginning of fall, there are all different stories about what the new smartphones are all about. From how powerful the new cameras will be, to how fast the phone can run while downloading or surfing the web, to how the smartphone’s overall design will look “cool” or not. There are reports, as well as rumors, about the latest and greatest smartphones from Apple, Samsung, LG or HTC are consistent stories on tech websites and even mainstream news outlets.

When it comes to all smartphones, it is all about the apps and services that are offered via the stores on each phone. Apple has the moderated, but popular, App Store and Google’s Play Store can offer freedom to any app developer on an Android based platform or smartphone. Regardless of what the platform is, smartphone apps are always a conversation starter.

There are apps that help out with saving space on the phone, such as the Boston-based Room for More and there are all kinds of GPS based, location apps like Life360. There are also those fun and silly little apps like SnapChat or Vine. There is enough content and features on the stores of each phone that the user will be kept busy for a long time.

What makes a successful mobile app or service though? It is something that many developers ask themselves while making their app, but also probably in the middle and at the end of development. Like anything else, there are several factors that make up a successful mobile website or application. It is not something anyone can do overnight, and no one is an expert at it immediately.

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Four factors that make up a great mobile website or service

User awareness

User awareness can be done in several different ways, including online ads. However, if someone does not want to be obnoxious and spam Internet and smartphone users, it is good to create press releases for any and all kinds of technology based websites or have great SEO.

How much of the market does it take up?

Does the website or app appeal to a certain demographic? Knowing this is key in how the website or app is going to be marketed is good to know. That way, the company that is using the mobile service can know how to market it and get the word out about their products and services.

How useful is it?

Is this website or app going to be useful to the person who downloads it or visits the page is going to be something that needs to be answered. Letting the potential users what the app or website is going to entail is a good thing to let them know.

 Overall popularity and quality

How intuitive is your website or app? What features does it have that set it apart from others? Also, will this be heavily downloaded? These are three incredibly important questions that someone has to ask in order for the website to succeed. Keeping them in mind will create a better product.

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