5 Online Marketing Tips for Automotive Businesses

July 26, 2016

Online marketing is a very efficient way to promote an automotive business. It is one of the best ways to stay connected with customers, and keep them up to date on the changes or promotions in your company. There are five good tips to keep in mind when an automotive company decides to go online.

Connect with Online Leads

Online leads are a way for automotive companies to reach out and draw in visitors online. Some dealerships do not know how to utilize this tool and can often miss potential customers because of it. To avoid this loss, automotive businesses should create signup forms, which would allow online visitors to subscribe to marketing emails or text messaging. Another way to utilize this tool would be to form a call-to-action on the dealerships website, which would inspire customers to the download the business’ marketing resources that are offered. With this service, a dealership can provide relevant, valuable resources such as informative emails, text message coupons, and more to insight interest in the customers.

Social Media & Email

Social media pages are the most popular way to reach out to current and potential customers. However, it is not necessary to be on every social media website out there. Instead, focus on the most popular ones such as Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook. This shows current and potential customers that the business puts effort into which media websites they use for promotion instead of simply posting on every media site available.

Promote Through Social Media

Not only will a social media site promote the dealership, it will also allow the business to advertise for special promotions, contests, coupons, and auto sales, which can draw in current and new customers. It does not have to stop at posts either. Post videos to give the website or social media site a more personal touch that can be shared to widen the audience and bring in more customers. It is also important to interact with the customers by posing questions to show how much the business values the opinions of their customers. Social media can also help customers to set up email marketing newsletters, which can be shared to create a wider audience.

Automated Marketing Solution

An automated marketing solution may be the best way to avoid having to use up a lot of work time to make the posts that are necessary on social media websites. Automated marketing allows the business owners to make scheduled posts that will go out on their own instead of manually posting them each day. This program can also be used to make personalized marketing campaigns unique to each customer. Most dealerships create a store customer profile, which stores vehicle and automobile maintenance history, purchase, and customer preferences. The automated marketing solution can use this information to send out custom-made promotional messages and reminders of maintenance at the most optimal time to promote the return of the customers to the dealership. These personalized messages let the customer know that the dealership cares about them and boosts customer satisfaction as well.

How Are We Doing?

A great way to keep track of the dealerships progress is to conduct surveys, which will show customer feedback on the business itself. Once a customer has given the dealership business, a survey can be sent out to gauge their opinions. It is important to keep these questions simple and straightforward to get the most accurate answers. It can be hard to make sure everyone who comes to the dealership receives a survey, so an automated survey tool may come in handy to make sure no one is missed.

Online Feedback Response

When a customer complains, they expect something to be done. If nothing is followed up on, the customer can lose respect and interest, which can cost the company their hard-earned money. If a customer posts a negative comment or post on a social media site, it is important to respond in a calm, professional tone that will not incur an argument. This can further hurt a business for being hostile and damage the reputation of the automotive dealership.

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