5 Paid Traffic Sources Marketers Should Be Testing

November 27, 2014

Having a website is not enough to build quality traffic and regular website visitors. It is necessary to invest in your website’s promotion in order to ensure the largest possible number of visitors (targeted visitors) hit your site. There are many paid traffic sources that you can use – social networks, Google Adwords etc. In this article we will analyze the 5 most commonly used paid traffic sources.

Facebook Ads

You are probably aware of all the advantages of targeted/contextual marketing. Facebook is a social media network with millions of daily active users from all over the world. Many people love Facebook Ads because they are easy to create and you can precisely target the audience that you want to visit your website, which means that the chances for conversion are extremely high. Another reason why marketers love Facebook Ads is the fact that you can set a very low budget to test the effects. You can spend as little as $1 and you will still notice some results. Of course, we don’t have to mention the massive audience and the chance to gain an edge over your rivals. Make sure you regularly check if their terms and conditions are changed because Facebook does this very often.

Google AdWords

Google is the most popular search engine and most popular website in the world. People use certain keywords in order to find what they are looking for. Google AdWords is a tool creates by Google which allows marketers to create and share ads in the search engine. Creating an add is easy but before you create the ad make sure you choose the best keywords for your niche and website. If the keyword you’ve used matches with the search query of the users, your ad will appear along or above the Google search results. By using Google AdWords you are paying only for the results you get. You pay only when someone clicks the ad.

Twitter ads

Twitter is another good traffic source that is often used by marketers. Unlike Facebook, Twitter started this offer recently but it is a well known fact that the effects of this paid traffic source can be amazing. Before you choose to advertise via Twitter check the stats on your website and see how many people use Twitter to get on your website and find out how you can use their targeted campaign in the best way.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads are perfect for those involved in the B2B market. This is a network for professionals and you can easily use their search engine to find people based on their job functions. It is good to point out that LinkedIn ads are based on cost-per-click expenses and they are relatively expensive compared to the other options.

Outbrain Amplify

Outbrain Amplifier is a marketing platform which works with many popular websites like CNN, ESPN and Slate. You can use it to promote, videos, articles, infographics etc. Their ads reach more than 500 million people each month. Outbrain Amplify ads drive highly engaged traffic.


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