5 Reasons the Yellow Pages Just Aren’t Effective Anymore

April 5, 2016

There was a time when if you wanted your business to stand out, you needed a place on the yellow pages. However, times have changed now the yellow pages have become outdated and ineffective. The book definitely had its purpose, but if you are a business owner and you need customers, then you cannot rely on the yellow pages to give you the cliental that you need. Here are a few reasons why the yellow pages are not effective anymore.

People Rarely Use Yellow Pages Anymore

When people want to find a business or website, there are a multitude of ways to find what they need online. When you want to find a particular business or store, going through the yellow pages would take several minutes while looking it up online would only take a few seconds. People are always on the go in this age, so with access to the internet, people are not going to spend time looking things up in the yellow pages. So if you own a business, don’t advertise in the yellow pages because people will not see it.

It Was Always Difficult to Get Noticed in Yellow Pages

The main reason why people used the yellow pages was because that’s all they had. It was a compact book full of all the businesses in the area, so for the 80s and 90s, it was very effective. However, if the yellow pages came out after the internet, it never would have caught on. Today, the internet has become so influential that businesses can buy website traffic. When there are companies online who are willing to market a business online until a certain number is reached, then it’s even harder for the yellow pages to compete in this world.

People Can Find What They Want in a Search Engine

When people want to find something, they will use a search engine like Google and get what they want in seconds. So now, there are very few situations when people would find a business in the yellow pages. Looking something up in the yellow pages takes a bit of effort, and a while ago, it was worth it, but now there are better options.

Online Advertising is More Specialized

The possibilities of marketing yourself online are enormous. One of these methods is to buy website traffic from specific companies, which means that they will market your website until you reach a particular view count. This is only one of the ways people market websites online, so when everyone is using the internet, a couple ads in a two thousand page book is not going to help your business.

Carrying a Smartphone is Easier than Going through a Large Book

Let’s say you’re driving around and you need to find a specific type of store for something you need. Today thanks to smartphones and mobile data will get your where you need to go, and quickly. If you are in your car, the most you would have would be a smaller version of the yellow pages, so it’s possible you would not find what you were looking for.

So these are some reasons why the yellow pages are not effective anymore. They were a business’s best friend for many years, but due to the internet, there are better ways of finding a business. So if you have a business, one way is to buy web traffic from Buy Fast Web Traffic. They will help get your website off the ground, because they will continue advertising your website until you get a certain number of hits. There is a lot of competition out there, so if you want great help from expert online advertisers, then you should buy web traffic and get your website off the ground.

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