5 Things on Your Website that Can Hurt Your SEO Value

August 23, 2016

The way content creators on the Internet spread their work around is very unique. For artists, there are websites like the popular DeviantArt or on social media like tumblr. The would-be filmmakers of the world now have YouTube and other video streaming sites. Even the independent musicians can share their music much easier with various music streaming services, such as iTunes.

On the Internet, aspiring journalists and writers live and die by search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is the technique used by online writers in order to create the right the page for the Internet. They will use particular keywords, images or links to other websites in order for the page to be seen on search engines. The pages with the best choices of keywords and images will be more frequent results on the search engines out there on the Internet.

SEO just does not apply to writers, but it can apply to just about anyone looking to get their content out there to the world. It can be difficult to get used to at first, since it may feel like you are forcing in keywords and such in a not so natural way. When you do finally get used to using the SEO techniques, it can create great results and make the web page or website the ideal page for the product or service that a startup company can give to the public.

However, there are a few SEO techniques that cannot be helpful for creating the best kind of website. Any startup company looking to design and develop their own website will have to keep these techniques and factors in mind when making it.

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Five factors that can hurt your website’s SEO value

Strange web address

A long-winded and weird web address with all kinds of symbols and letter will result in someone’s website being lost in the shuffle on the Internet. 

Poor loading

Having a page that will take forever to load because of an overload of pictures or other related content will make the page not so popular amongst Internet users. The long loading times can make the page have a low SEO value. 

Bad or unintuitive page layout or design

The poor layout of a website is not going to help the users of the website or will want to keep them going back for more.

Near endless scrolling

Infinite scrolling is what happens when there is too much content on the page and the user will be scrolling throughout the page in order to find certain information. If someone has to search way too much, it will turn an Internet user off immediately.

Overall lack of key words

This is the most important part of SEO. If there is no key words or very little key words, than the page will not be appearing a lot on the search engines.

Using SEO well

SEO is a great technique to keep in mind for anyone to get their work out there in the near vast less expanse of the Internet. Having a website with the right kind SEO techniques will have the website be more and more popular.

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