5 Tips for Better Engagement with Your Targeted Visitors

February 7, 2014

Harmonious engagement with your targeted visitor can lead to higher conversion. That’s why you should have some strategies on how to engage with your visitors not just to give them the ultimate user experience in your site but also to convert most of them into customers. If you are buying traffic for website, then you have all the more reasons to engage with your traffic in order to get higher return from your investment.

There are many ways to engage with your targeted visitors. A better way is to tailor-fit your techniques to the specific audiences you are positioning your website to so that you will better cater to their needs. However, there are also general techniques that apply to all regardless of the interests of your visitors, as long as the main principles are there. Here are some of the best ways of engaging with web visitors.


Add a Persona in Your Homepage

Make your homepage personalized by having a person in there to take care of your visitors’ needs. You can do this by having an image of a person that represents your business. One study showed that the conversion rate of one site tremendously increased to a whopping 102.5% after adding a person in the homepage. This only shows the importance of having a character representing your business due to the personalized approach.

People will definitely want to engage with a person than an entity like a business. Without a character in the homepage, visitors will see your site as a business. But if you put a person in front of your website, what they see is not a business but a person that they can confide on with their needs. As a result, your viewers will more likely to engage by doing different activities.


Guide Your Website Visitors

One of the many reasons why a lot of people will visit only one page and then leave is due to confusion; they don’t know what to do and where to go next, so naturally they will hit the back button at the top and leave. But if you properly welcome and guide your visitors then many will definitely stay and roam around by checking the other pages and reading your posts.

Therefore, warmly welcome your visitors and make them feel comfortable in your blog. You have to give them an impression that they are in the right place. Get rid of the distractions like popups if necessary. Likewise, place signals and signs that guide them where to go. These signs could be in the form of short links to the internal pages and posts. They should be able to know where to go if they want to get certain information.


Insert Rich Media in Your Site

A better way to ignite engagement is to add information-rich media. These are videos, infographics, and images. Videos can remarkably attract comments, and this is well proven in YouTube where you can find popular videos with numerous comments, as well. Remember, one of the channels of interaction with your readers is the comment section. By adding attractive images and unique videos, more viewers will likely to engage than reading long boring text paragraphs.

Aside from photos and short clips, infographic is a new and trending media today that people online love to view. The creativity of the presentation and the excitements of the information depicted in infographics continue to awe many viewers; they are also very effective in igniting interaction among the readers. Infographics are commonly shared in social media like Pinterest and Facebook, thereby adding social signals to your site on top of improving your engagement with the readers.


Create Polls

Surveys and polls are also effective engagement boosters. If the topic of the poll is very interesting and sensitive, readers will more likely to participate to find out the thoughts of the majority regarding the issue. So asks some interesting questions that deal about the current events and you will be surprised to see the number of participants growing.

Aside from that, those who participated in the poll will usually insert a comment or two, and this will start the engagement with not just one of the readers but among many readers, especially those who participated in the survey. However, not all polls are effective in igniting visitor-interaction. To make it work, you have to formulate the survey question properly; as earlier said, sensitive topics that deal on current issues are among the best questions to add in the poll.


Organize Events

Another effective method of engaging with your visitors is to organize events. A good example is a tutorial webinar, or an interview podcast with a famous personality. Obviously, these events should be provided free to attract more visitors to your website, unless your business has already an established and trusted name that people would be willing to purchase just to attend your event.

But, if you have a famous person with numerous followers as your guest then you can charge certain fees to get in to your event; this is good if your main objective for organizing the activity is to make more money online. However, if the main purpose for launching the event is to increase website traffic, then you should offer free access to all your participants to get more attendees to join. But you must also focus on getting targeted audiences to ensure higher conversion rate from the traffic generated from the activity.


More Tips on Engaging with Your Clients

On top of the above tips, there are other methods of engaging with your visitors. You should not confine your campaign to the techniques above but you must develop your own strategies. The best method is the one that is tailor-fit to the specific type of people your business is positioned to. Some methods may not work for certain niches, but they work well for a particular audience. In other cases, a simple tweak of established technique can tremendously improve the results.

Nonetheless, the methods above serve as a guide to help you know where to start and what strategies some webmasters are doing. But it would be best to start by indentifying the key interest areas of your specific audiences. If you are in the health niche, for instance, you should pinpoint the precise category such as hypertension, diabetes, back pain, and so on. By going deeper to the sub-niche, you will attract more targeted visitors to participate and interact as a result of addressing their interests.

Regardless of the methods that you use, you must remain focus on keeping your activities within the legal bounds to avoid probable consequences. Stay away from spamming your visitors with redundant items just to encourage them to voice out their opinion, or to participate in your activities. Your website visitors should have the freedom to participate or not, and if they do interact they should do it from their will and not for other reasons like they were paid to do so, or just to do away with your spammy activities.

Just like getting traffic to website, targeted visitors engagement is not the end-point but one of the means of converting targeted visitors into sales. In essence, higher ROI or profitability is the focus if you are in business. But if you simply want to become popular or you want to build a good brand image, then establishing harmonious relations is your main goal and engagement is still a part of the success equation.

Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan via Compfight cc

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