5 Tips for Improving Your Bounce Rates

January 5, 2016

Bouncing a ball is one of the simplest things a child can do, mainly because once they throw it, the ball comes back. It never gets old. It is a habit that follows you to your adult years. However, allowing a person to bounce out of your website like a child throwing a ball is definitely something that can get old causing an undesirable result. That ball never comes back.

Here are five tips to be able to keep the ball in your hands long enough to give the desired outcome. In this case, the ball is your client. Handle with care.

  1. Advertisement anchors! When a client is looking into service from a business, the last thing they want to deal with is a page that is slow to load and full of irrelevant information. Pop-up ads and third party ads can frustrate said client to the point of either hitting the back button to move onto another website or simply exiting the program altogether.
  2. Make the website user-friendly all around. Make sure that the content is easy to read for anyone with a sixth-grade education and up. Allow color contrasts to make the page enjoyable. Black and white is simple, and rainbow colors may divert attention away with back combinations. Allow the colors to increase the level of content, not blind or put someone to sleep. Also, less is more. Be obvious about the products and service from the get go.
  3. While informing potential clients about the website’s purpose, don’t allow for all content to be visible on one page. When a potential client can find all of their information on one page, they will not want to continue looking for any other resources they can find. Allowing easy access by clicking links to the correct pages, the only bounce rate you will have is to the following pages within your own website. Which leads into the next tip…
  4. Allowing for internal search options. When you allow for a search box to be displayed, this can lead to a page the not only allows the client to find what they are looking for but other products or services that are related. This can increase curiosity for these other products or services in the near future. Frequently Asked Question pages can also serve as a back-up to your internal search feature by bringing up popular past questions.
  5. Knowledge of the product or service. Allow for detailed information and diagrams or pictures to guide a client in the right direction. Simple, step by step instructions can lead to a client that will come back for more information as needed. Assembling a product is only fun for a very select group of people, but disassembling and rebuilding is a learning tool that can not only teach a client but improve any skills they already possess.

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