5 Trends in Website Marketing Strategy in 2014

February 9, 2014

Website marketing strategy has remarkably evolved over time. The traditional method that involves constant barrage of information to the online users may still work, but people today have changed their preferences and appeal. That is why your strategies should shift, as well, in order to adapt to the ever changing trend if you want to stay competitive.


Social Media Diversification

When Facebook came into the limelight of social media, a lot of marketers immediately jumped in the bandwagon of Facebook marketing, which remains effective to date. After all, Facebook remains the dominant leader in the industry enjoying a notable big chunk of the market share.

However, its hold of the market has gradually become smaller as new social networks start to emerge while the existing competitors are becoming more aggressive and more popular. Many Facebook users today have also migrated to other social networks in order to experience a totally new dimension of social networking and to get away from the already mundane networking in Facebook.

Aside from that, some networks have merged and integrated each other’s systems to give users better social media experience. So if you are closed knitted in your marketing and remained confined in Facebook for your marketing without bothering to try out the social networking system of the other networks, you will be definitely left behind by the trend; this will make you less competitive, as well.

Therefore, don’t limit your marketing solely in the big two, Facebook and Twitter, which are the core social media marketing strategies. Instead, expand the horizon of your marketing towards other social networks like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and StumbleUpon.
Pinterest, for one, is a trending social networking as more people are getting more interested in simply viewing images while socially interacting with the other members, at the same time. By diversifying your social campaign will reach longer mileage, thereby giving your business much better global reach.


Go Mobile

2014 is seen as another year for mobile growth. The year 2013 was a milestone year for mobile; more people accessed the internet through their mobiles compared to desktop users, based on web usage statistics stated in this site. This was proven, in part, by the tremendous jump in mobile sales during Cyber Monday, which amounted to more than $5.8 billion, up 28% year-over-year.

This year, it is estimated that the mobile invasion of the internet world will persist and another milestone will be reached as more people continue to surf the net using tablets, Android phones, and other mobile devices. Therefore, start going mobile, as well. Make your site not only mobile-friendly but you ads and contents must cater to the needs of most mobile users. This means, go direct to the point in your content marketing, and avoid the fuss. Mobile users don’t have much time to read long text contents since they are mostly on the go.


Rich Media Marketing

Another trend to watch for is rich media marketing. People are now bored of reading long text contents. The barrage of information led to information overload and some are already burnt out from reading lengthy text contents. When rich media was infused into content marketing, it was warmly welcomed by many net users and it is now trending worldwide.

Rich media is adding media files into contents such as videos, images, and infographics. While texts remain at the forefront of content marketing, readers are inclined to read posts with rich media over plain articles without videos and other types of media. Media files are given added points in search engine optimization, as well.

Just like all else, rich media has also transformed over time. In the past, this mainly refers to videos and images. Today, other types of media are now trending, among them are infographics and podcasts. Many people now prefer to view infographics because the technicalities of the data were greatly simplified and the data analysis is easier to comprehend. A quick view of infographics is already equivalent to several minutes of reading the entire post, and the understanding of the readers are much better.

On the other hand, podcasts are also getting popular. Although, its popularity is nowhere close to the popularity of infographics, more blog posts are now converted into podcasts to allow readers another option for getting the content. In fact, podcast marketing is a field on its own, but this is best integrated with content marketing.


Social Signals Will Continue to Bear Heavier Weight in SEO

Social signals are beginning to weigh heavier in search engine optimization. While its impact is not as much as backlinks, many sites are getting better ranking in the search results because of having good social signals in their profile. You can expect more marketers becoming more active in social networking in order to attract as many social signals as they can.

According to a Forbes post on search engine optimization, there are 3 pillars of SEO today and social signal is one of them. The other pillars are content and backlinks. Just imagine that two to three years ago, social signals were never a part of the SEO equation, and now it is considered as one of the pillars. Apparently, its importance will remain and its weight on SEO will continue to become heavier this year and in the years to come.


Ads Retargeting and Laser Targeted Traffic Buying

This year, advertising will become more targeted to specific audiences and retargeting will become a part of advertising for higher click-through-rates and better conversion. This is good news if you are an advertiser and your advertising is regular. Ads networks are improving their systems to improve performance by going after more targeted audiences and by consistently showing them related ads that are aligned with their interests.

Likewise, buying traffic for website will also become niche-specific and well-positioned to the right people. While many paid traffic services are still involved in providing general traffic, some are giving plans that allow you to customize your traffic by interests and by niche so that your visitors are more targeted to your business.

Most of the filters are still limited only to traffic classified by geographic location and by category. It is expected that additional filters may be added to include age group, mobile and desktop users, language, and so on. You can expect better results when you buy targeted site traffic as part of your website marketing strategy.

But you must still observe utmost precaution because inept traffic services still thrive and many of them are still doing business in the market. Therefore, due diligence in research is imperative is imperative if you want to buy traffic as part of your marketing mix.

There are still many trends to watch for this year on top of the above.  It is important to be watchful of the trends in the marketplace to remain competitive. The first ones to hop in the trending bandwagon are definitely on a competitive advantage. So if you want to beat your competitors and you want to be part of the leading pack, then be watchful of the trends. Don’t just learn the trends but immediately act on the ones that you added to your 2014 website marketing strategies.

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