5 Ways Marketing Automation Helps Your Business

June 21, 2016

Marketing automation is the use of software to streamline and integrate marketing tasks in order to make the marketing process easier and more effective for your business. In what ways can this software benefit your business and promote growth in your company?

  1. Saves Time

By automating many mundane tasks that you otherwise would have to perform manually, you can save the time of labor for both you and your employees. This time saved can then be dedicated to other tasks that an automated system couldn’t take care of. Setting emails on auto-delivery, scheduling social media posts for regular updating, and other scheduling tasks will take the time out of your day that would be spent figuring out and maintaining a social media or email schedule. This software eliminates many tedious tasks that you and your team won’t have to waste time doing. All it takes is for one person to set up an automation code once, and then it will carry out the required tasks every time after that.

  1. Promotes Efficiency

With marketing automation, you can set up an automated email response to customers who purchase products or subscribe to your website, thus increasing the speed and efficiency of your response. This immediate response is preferable to a manual response several days after the subscription or purchase, as it will not leave the customer wondering if their transaction went through successfully. It also keeps one employee from having to spend their time going through transactions and forming response emails, which would leave more room for error or delay.

  1. Keep Your Customers Engaged

Following a purchase or subscription from a customer, you can have an automated system set up to send loyal customers special offers or promotions that they can use in their next transaction. This will encourage customer loyalty and bring repeat visitors to your business, as they will now have a special coupon or promotion to use.

  1. Get Feedback

By sending out automated feedback surveys, you can hear straight from the customers about your business and service. You can provide them with the opportunity to share their praise or critiques in order to help you improve your business. You can send specific surveys to customers who have reached certain milestones and can provide more informative feedback to help improve your service.

  1. Reduce Costs

With automated services, you can increase productivity while lowering the amount spent on marketing and sales costs. It reduces the need for extra staff who would be around just to do the menial tasks that can be completed by marketing automation. This can save your business from a lot of unnecessary costs, and the saved money can then be directed to more beneficial and productive tasks.

Overall, marketing automation can help your company by eliminating pointless costs or effort, while bringing in better results with efficiency and customer feedback. Taking advantage of this software could greatly benefit your business in many other ways depending on your specific profession, so consider taking this step today!

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