5 Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

February 11, 2016

Have you ever visited a website or a blog trying to look for something but you ended up leaving it as soon as it opened? Trust me, this has not happened only once. You have created your website and you do not want anyone to have a similar experience such as yours. It is clear that the longer someone stays on the website, the longer they will be engaged. It could be the content, the videos or photos, but whatever is keeping them there, it is clear that this is what they were looking for. Let us now take a look at some of the ways that you can keep visitors on your website.

Easy to Navigate

Having a simple navigation system on a website helps visitors to get what they want with ease and without thinking hard. A great way to ensure you can easily navigate your site is by having navigation bars to follow. Whether it is support they are looking for, a specific product or even contacts, everything should be without a hassle. When it seems impossible for a visitor to locate what they need, they end up leaving your website and this means that you are the one on the losing end.

Linking of Content

Ensure that you link the contents of your website together. This means that visitors can move from one article to the other by following the link meaning they do not have to get off the site to do a search. Internal linking is connected with the articles and should always be active.

Visually Appealing

The website has to be appealing to the eyes. You will find that a high percentage of visitors to the website will stay longer if the site is visually appealing while others will leave as soon as possible if it is not. However informative the content is, visitors will leave a website due to its appearance. After settling on a theme, get reviews from your friends and family to ensure that your website is what you think it is.

Content is King

You do not want long boring paragraphs that will chase visitors away. Ensure you use subheads and paragraphs to break up the content; you can also bold some keywords and use bullets whenever possible. Let the content be relevant and when creating it, keep the readers in mind. Consider how the readers will benefit from the article and from the heading to the content keep it interesting.


Include videos and photos on your website to bring your content to life. You can embed a YouTube video to your site and even create one yourself. Videos do magic as in the current world, many prefer to watch a video over reading a long post. If it is about make-up or fixing an appliance or even enjoying a game drive, a video would help a reader understand more.

These are just some of the ways that you can keep visitors coming back to your website and ensure that they stay longer. This is the best way to attract visitors to your website.

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