9 Landing Page Optimization Tips

April 28, 2019

When analyzing conversion factors for your website, the landing page is a critical, yet often overlooked, component that must be taken into account prior to buying targeted traffic. You can have a million visitors visit your page (we can help with that), but if your landing page cannot grab people’s attention within 10 seconds and/or your page is difficult to navigate through, you can expect minimal conversions. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts in optimizing your landing page. You will have to carefully examine each aspect of the landing page in order to ensure your website is optimized for higher conversions. Here are ten tips to get your started:


1. Get to the Point

Keep in mind that if a visitor is on your landing page, they are there for a reason, so get directly to the point as quickly as possible. If you have a lot of reading material or information you want to pass along to your visitors, do it in a different section where it’s expected and not on the landing page. If you are selling a product, offer multiple product images along with the price, detailed product descriptions and features. Ideally, the description and features will be in a bullet point format for your visitors to quickly identify if this product has all the features they are looking for. If your product is on sale, use special icons or different colored text so your visitors will quickly take notice.


2. Get Rid of the Clutter

Don’t confuse your visitors with so much clutter on your landing page. Take down all unnecessary items that distract from your main products or message. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Follow the O-R-R-R procedure when cleaning your webpage. Observe your landing page from a distance and try to pinpoint the obstructions. Next, Remove the redundant items, then Rinse and Repeat the procedure until your page is optimized. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a friend critique your website and offer his/her suggestions on how to improve the overall user experience.


3. Segment Your Audience

If you are carrying a lot of products in your line, it would be best to group your audiences into segments rather than having a landing page that caters to a general audience. While there is nothing wrong with that, your conversion rate will be higher if you market to a more specific segment. Ideally, make a unique landing page for each segment, or create one separate landing page per product, if your budget permits.


4. Focus on Ease of Navigation

Along with a visually appealing website, your navigation should be so easy to use that a child could find what he/she is looking for. No one wants to go to a website in search of a product and not be able to find that product! Double check all of your links to make sure they are in working order and lead to the correct product page.


5. Put Your Primary Statement or Selling Point Above the Fold

The area above the fold, or the viewable content without having to scroll down, is considered the prime spot on your landing page. This is the MOST viewed space in the entire page compared to the rest. Therefore, place your primary statement or selling point here; better yet, put the call-to-action button above the fold for higher views/signups/purchases.


6. Repeat Your Call-to-Action Button at Comfortable Intervals

Always place multiple CTA buttons in strategic locations on your landing page, so that your audience will have gentle reminders of their purpose in visiting your site. Another reason for doing this is because some visitors may already be convinced halfway through their visit that they want to buy what you are selling. Having that CTA button nearby and easy to access will make it that much more easier to begin the buying process.


7. Add a Video to Reinforce Your Message

As internet speeds get faster and faster, embedded videos can load within seconds. This makes added videos to your website a great idea considering their effect on conversions. Moving pictures and sounds can often times connect with your audience and get your message across better than text and/or images. An informative product demo video can increase a persons comfort level with your product leading to a conversion.


8. Reinforce Customer Confidence with Customer Reviews

One of the main ingredients found in Amazon’s enormous success is their customer reviews and ratings. This is where many prospective buyers get their confidence to buy certain products. If you provide a service, customer testimonials can help convince prospective customers to pay for your services. In the age of Amazon, reviews and ratings have become an important component for all e-commerce sites.


9. Test Your Buy Buttons and Shopping Cart for Functionality

Don’t forget the most important part, which is your shopping cart and the buy button(s). This is the channel through which visitors are transformed into customers. So make sure that they all pass through smoothly without flaw. Make sure that all the buttons are working properly to ensure transactions have as close to a 100% success rate as possible.


While the above tips are just general guidelines, hopefully these ideas will point you in the right direction. We are here to help get visitors to your site, but the bottom line is, it’s always a good idea to optimize your website to the best of your ability before buying targeted traffic to ensure better returns from your investment.

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