Are There Any Effective Cheap Traffic Sources Still Out There?

January 29, 2014

find good and cheap traffic

The biggest problem or barrier that people have to face each and every single day when running an online business is trying to flood your website with targeted cheap traffic that won’t interfere with your profit margin.

The reason that this is such a problem (almost an epidemic, if you really look at the amount of people that really struggled with this challenge) is because too terribly many people don’t really understand or embrace what cheap traffic really is.

You see, most people think that cheap traffic is the kind of targeted web traffic and that you can pick up for pennies on the dollar – regardless of valuable (or worthless) that traffic ends up being in the long run. Smart and savvy business owners and entrepreneurs understand that cheap traffic may cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars per prospect or per lead – but if they make even a dollar more or breakeven on the front and it’s probably the cheapest traffic they’ve ever come across.

We are going to break this down in depth a little more as we go along, but it’s of the utmost importance that you fully embrace of this transformation in the way you think about business, the way you think about the process to increase site traffic, and the way you go about purchasing website traffic moving forward.

Determine what cheap means to you to figure out if there are any effective cheap traffic sources out there

The first step in this process is determining exactly how much money you can reasonably spend to acquire one new paying customer. Business always (ALWAYS) boils down to the math of it all, and if you understand your numbers better than the competition you will win each and every single time.

For example, if it costs you $1000 to do a solo ad or $1000 to shoot out a direct mail campaign and you bring back 10 customers that paid $100 a piece, you might think that you are paying through the nose to get that traffic – and that it simply isn’t worth it.

However, if each and every one of those $100 customers covered your marketing or advertising piece to drive traffic you broke even on the promotion – and now you have 10 brand-new customers that you can market to with no extra investment whatsoever. The money is always on the backend, so it’s critical that you understand the value of your customer before proceeding.

Cheap traffic needs to be targeted or it is absolutely useless

The next little detail that you really want to focus on when it comes to cheap traffic is that even one her percent free traffic can be absolutely, completely, and totally useless if it isn’t targeted.

Until you are able to create targeted website traffic on a regular and consistent basis (targeted simply means that you are reaching out to people that have a much higher likelihood to become prospects or customers and just casting a wide net to anyone and everyone on the Internet), you are wasting your time – something that is even more valuable than your money.

This is why social media blasts, unsolicited mailings, or even Craigslist type classifieds book inviting on the surface – but end up being the next to useless when it comes to the actual money that they produce. Targeted advertising that is more expensive is always much more valuable (and cheaper in the long run) than trying to increase site traffic with anything and everything you can bring to your site free of charge.

The real secret to making cheap traffic work is leveraging as many resources as possible all at the same time

If you really want to take your traffic generation abilities to the next level, you’re going to want to focus on running multi-pronged traffic generation campaigns as early and as often as you can. Don’t just send out a handful of solo ads or guest blog approaches at once and then throw in the towel – instead combine those efforts with online classified ad posting, social media “hijacking”, joint ventures with those that you have relationships with in your industry or marketplace, and any other cheap traffic generation method you can think of.

This is going to create a real “carpet bomb” kind of effect, driving more and more eyeballs to your website than you would have been able to before.

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