Beginners Tips on Choosing Website Traffic Services

August 28, 2014

For first time buyers, it can be relatively confusing to choose which website traffic services to use to increase website visitors. There are just too many traffic agencies out there with almost similar promises. Some have expensive plans, while other providers have cheap web traffic packages.

Certainly, price should not be the sole buying factor for consideration; quality must be taken into account, as well. But it’s hard to determine the quality if it is your first time to buy traffic, and you have no prior experience on this method of getting visitors to your blog.

However, there are signs that can guide you in your buying decision. You just need to look for these signs so that you can quickly and easily weed out the inferior services from the good ones; eventually this will lead to a smarter choice, which is subscribing to the services of a genuine and trusted seller.


Guide Questions to Ask to Help You Find a Good Web Traffic Service


Where Will the Traffic Came From?

The traffic source should be a major factor in your buying decision. It is as simple as this – if the traffic source is bad, then run and start looking for another provider. But if the sources of your visitors are good, then go ahead and try it out. Take note that different providers are using varied and unique sources of traffic. Some of them have bad sources with regards to traffic. However, there are also genuine agencies with good web traffic sources.

Knowing the traffic source is quite tricky. Not all firms are transparent enough to tell. If one particular agency does not divulge where they are getting traffic from, then this is a sign to take caution. There are reasons why they are secretive with regards with this information. Perhaps, they don’t want to cast doubts with regards to the quality of their traffic. But if the sources are good, companies will not hesitate telling them to their customers and prospects.

Bear in mind that one of the reasons why buying traffic is discouraged by some experts is due to the bad traffic sources that many firms are using. These so-called bad sources are the traffic exchange networks and the PTCs or paid-to-click networks. Again, these are bad sources with retrospect to conversion and SEO. In another perspective, they may not be bad at all due to the fact that they still thrive after several years since their existence, and many members are still using these networks for traffic.


Can I Customize the Type of Visitors to My Site?

Another feature that you should look for is the customization tool that allows you to filter the type of web visitors for higher conversion rate. Without this tool, then it is obvious that the type of visitors you will be getting from will be general traffic, which is not a good type that will give you higher click-through and conversion rates.

Not all agencies have customization tools. Therefore, choose those that allow you to select some parameters to better position your business to well targeted website traffic. Some companies may have the customization tools, but they differ in parameters.

There are agencies with only one parameter or two, others have four. Certainly, the more parameters the more accurate will be your visitors to your specific niche. But the most important parameters are the geographic sources of traffic and the interests or category. By allowing you to choose the country of location for your traffic source, including interests or niche, you are better guaranteed that your paid traffic will improve your conversion.


Can I Conduct Split-testing Using This Service?

Optimizing your website conversion may sometimes require buying traffic to immediately find out if you have effectively tweaked your pages properly. If you solely depend on the natural flow and your current traffic level is not so high, then it will take time for you to determine results. But if you buy purchase web visitors and instantly boost your traffic then you can quickly tweak your site and better position it to the appropriate audience.

Among the usual split-testing parameters are the sources of traffic, the interests of the visitors, and the maximum of daily visits, among others. It is important to have the capacity to change these during the campaign. For instance, changing the traffic source from US to UK, or modifying the interests from health to a more specific niche like weight loss.


Is the Agency Trusted By Many?

Similarly important is to check the credibility of the company. You can check this out by knowing how many clients trusted the provider. You can read independent reviews, as well. Some independent review sites have fair reviews of different traffic sellers, particularly the popular ones. By reading the reviews of different networks, you can get some ideas on the trustworthiness of each provider in your list.  Nevertheless, the important thing is to subscribe only to a service provider that you can trust, and trusted by many, as well.


What’s the Quality of Customer Service?

Some buyers failed to consider customer service and later on regret using the services of a particular firm. Don’t let the same thing happen to you by assessing first the quality of their customer service. You may have your own criteria for the evaluation, but you must include the basic parameters like the response time to your queries, and how well the reps solve issues. The above components are basic, but you can add other requirements like politeness, 24/7 availability, and so on.


Is the Package Price Reasonable Enough?

Sometimes you might be blinded by the cheap prices, notwithstanding the quality of traffic that you shall be getting from. A package, even if it is the cheapest, is not reasonable if you are not able to convert most of them to customer due to poor quality. Therefore, you should focus on quality as well, as aside from price, when searching for the best website traffic services.

In addition to that, you are encouraged to properly mix and match price and quantity. Some packages look so cheap at only $5. But the number of hits is only 1000, which is expensive compared to a package that will give you 5000 unique hits at only $5.


What Are the Payment Options?

The mode of payment should not be missed. You may want to pay through an online payment system like PayPal, but some agencies only accept credit cards. Still other companies are using a payment system that you barely know of. In that case, better stay away and use only those that you can trust, particularly the verified vendors.

As part of payment, it is highly recommended to opt for providers with refund policy. A few days after the campaign launch, you can already determine the quality of traffic, and if it is not good then you should have the chance to immediately stop the campaign and get a refund from unused credits. This is something that only a few sites are offering. So look for firms with refund policy to minimize your risk.

The above tips are just a few things that you can learn from when looking for the ideal website traffic services. By observing them during your search, you can quickly find the right services best suited for your website.




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