Can Buying Website Traffic Work With Organic Traffic?

June 17, 2015

Here is a fact you’re going to have to repeat to yourself before deciding on buying website traffic—buying website traffic is valueless. Of course, it does its job exceptionally by boosting your traffic numbers, however, it’s the quality of their generated traffic that you want to take a close look at. That is to say, if your traffic is coming from robots and fake visitors instead of actual searchers, you can’t say that you’re truly benefitting from having bought website traffic. This type of traffic is not the sort that will drive your company to success for future days to come.


Now, if you want to generate organic traffic, the best way to do so is to create the best content that is within your power to do so. Creating content for the sake of it will prove to be a fruitless effort, and bring you to the harsh realization that half-hearted effort does not work the same way out of college and high school. Remember that your website is speaking for your business, and that your website is most likely the searcher’s first impression of you as a professional business and as someone who might offer them what they’re looking for. So why is it that you want to constantly deliver high quality content?


Apparently, search engines know when a website’s content is being fabricated. In optimizing your content, you are allowing search engines to link back to your website. People are able to find you a lot quicker if you were to create original posts than if you were to be falsifying your traffic and content.


If you want another way of generating organic traffic, you could always look at your keywords and figure out what your intended client is searching for when they land on your website. Sure, there are certain keywords you won’t be able to get because of its highly competitive ranking—but in this case, you are able to make your keyword phrase a little more specific to be able to draw people to your website. Don’t be afraid if you think your keywords might appear to be too long or specific for your searcher. Most likely, the searcher will be typing in these long keyword phrases to be able to find something that is closer to what they need or what they want. So not only are these keywords less competitive in nature, but they are much more relevant to your intended audience than something as broad as “bakery.”


Though it might appear difficult at first, generating organic traffic is going to be worth all the efforts in the end. It should be no understatement that you have to work for the good things in life. When it comes to organic traffic for your website, buying traffic is not going to do you much good. If you work this fake traffic with generating organic traffic in tandem, you might be able to have much bigger numbers to show off—but you need to remember where your real traffic is coming from, and what’s really driving your website to such remarkable heights.

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