Email Marketing in 2014 – Avoid These Common Mistakes

February 8, 2014

 marketing my website via email in 2014  

When it comes to email marketing, there are specific things that you can do to succeed today as long as you are avoiding
these pitfalls.  There are methods that worked in 2013 that may not work in 2014 because of new changes in regulations.  Simply avoiding these common mistakes will earn you much more money than the common internet marketer.

Don’t Bank on the Pictures Closing the Sale

When it comes right down to it, most people actually disable their images.  In fact, when a person signs up for an email account, they don’t even realize that the email service (usually Gmail), has disabled the automatic downloading of pictures. 
Gmail, Ymail, and other big email providers automatically block pictures because viruses can make its way to a computer. 
They can also hack an email account through pictures.  That is why when someone views your email, there’s
a great chance that they will never see that awesome graphic that you sent out. 

80% of your recipients have their emails to not save pictures. 

You can include a picture; however, make sure that you have the text that will make the person want to download the picture.  Whether you have a picture of a coupon, vacation spot, great deal; whatever the case, presell the picture and you will start seeing more revenue down the line from your email campaigns. 

Failing to Optimize


You want to optimize your emails for mobile as well.  The average person will check their email through mobile around 34 times a day.  That’s right, even when the person is on the computer – they may be preoccupied with a task and therefore will check their email with their smartphone so that they do not interrupt their current assignment. 
Here’s a rule of thumb if you are trying to mobile optimize email.  If it takes too long to load or requires a ton of scrolling on the phone, then it’s probably not worth sending out.  

Failing to Experiment


Experimentation is critical if to succeed in email marketing.  In the golden days, people would simply send out an email and it would probably work because the actual concept of ‘e-mail’ was new.  Every message received was an exciting experience – this is no longer the case. 
What do we recommend?  Start out with a subject line that solves your customer’s needs.  For example, if you sell trail mix.  Then you can make your email subjects related to trail mix. 

  • “I want more raisins in my trail mix”

  • “Are these real M&M’s in my trail mix bag?

  • “I lost 12 lbs on my trail mix diet”

The key is to step in the mind of the customer and to see what works.  You may want to split your email list.  Have two messaging lists and split test to see what works.  Send out similar emails to two groups, but only change 1 or 2 words – the results you see will be spectacular! 

Creative Call to Action


A great call to action is key for emailing success.  You do not want a call to action that just simply says “click here for more information”.  The more creative you can get with your call to action the better. 
You do not want to leave it to the customer to make a decision on whether to visit the product page or not.  You want to close them right there! 
One of the best ways to get great call to action statements is of course related to our last post.  Experiment! 
Your email is targeted traffic.  They are more likely to buy than any other type of traffic on the internet.
When you have targeted website traffic, it gives you the ability to be creative.  Everybody is out trying to buy traffic, and you have your email list in front of you! What an amazing advantage. 
Read some sales book, and come up with some nice closers so that you can compel your readers to visit your site or product.  Even use some assumptive selling techniques like: “You can download your free e-book here”.  

In conclusion, there are many things you can do to improve your current email campaign.  Be creative and experiment to see what works!



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