Entrepreneurs: How to Optimize Your Web Presence

April 20, 2018

There are many ways to drive web traffic towards your website. These include blogging, SEO (search engine optimization) content, and the direct purchase of website traffic. Many website owners have had success using any or all of these methods to increase site traffic. When considering which approach to use for your site, it is important to keep your own goals and abilities in mind. Although blogging and SEO can be a cheaper means of getting your site in front of viewers, if you do it yourself, it can be very time consuming. Many website businesses choose to simply buy website traffic through ad or email campaigns. In either scenario, it is important to make sure that your word selection targets the intended market.


SEO and the Power of Content

SEO is has become one of the most important concepts on the web. It describes your website’s or blog’s relevance to a given set of search keywords or phrases. SEO is generally considered a passive form of web traffic because it does not directly require a website owner to buy visitors. Instead, it relies on the content of the website to attract visitors.It is important to do your due diligence, and make sure that your web content is relevant to the searches that are most likely to increase site traffic. For instance, if I’m selling a service (like a bed and breakfast)  that is only relevant to a specific geographical location, then it only makes sense to include content on my site that talks about the location. I should have the zip code, city or regions name, and a list of local attractions that will be desirable for guests.  Creating content that increases SEO can be time consuming, and even expensive if you are not able to do it yourself, but the rewards of organically being the top spot on Google can be very lucrative. The most important thing is to make sure that you are the top spot for searches that are going to bring you business. In essence, being the top spot for the search word “bunnies” won’t do you much good if you sell horses.



Blogging has exploded as one of the most popular ways to create a web presence. This may be a great option if you are able to regularly provide interesting, helpful, funny, or wholesome content. You must make sure that what you are writing will be relevant to the people you are hoping to turn into clients, and also to your business. Blogging is like linking. What you blog about doesn’t have to directly involve your business, but it should attract people that would appreciate your business. Blogging about sports is not likely to drive traffic to a pet adoption website, but blogging about heroic pet stories probably would. Once again, think about your clientele, and what they are looking for. Are your clientele primarily teenagers? If so, would writing about dating and relationships be the correct means for drawing them in?


Buy Website Traffic

Many business owners choose to boost their web presence through paid means. There are many different ways to do this. Paid forms of web traffic can  include  ad campaigns, email campaigns, or redirect campaigns. In the case of ad campaigns, it is important to remember that you typically get very few words to grab potential customers. Consequently, the words you choose are very important. However, with an email campaign, it is probably more important to make sure you direct the campaign at the correct audience. If you sell life insurance, an email campaign directed at 18 year olds will not be very effective. Redirect campaigns are ran by companies that automatically drive customers to your website for a fee. These are very helpful because not matter what you get traffic, but it may not always target the audience that you need. It is important, when choosing a redirect campaign, to research what sites a given company is redirecting from. Also, make sure that the landing page of your site (the one they are being redirected to) is going to be very aggressive in soliciting their business.


There are many means of achieving a stronger web presence. Optimizing your choice(s) for targeting a given audience will always come back to the word “relevance”.

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