Fine Tune Your YouTube Channel to Get Targeted Website Traffic

December 16, 2014

YouTube may be used as a powerful marketing tool to drive targeted website traffic but if you don’t carefully fine tune your campaign right to target a more specific market segment, there still no guarantee that you will be able to attain success using this method of promotion.

Interesting Facts and Stats About YouTube for Marketing

  • Every second, about one hour of YouTube videos are being uploaded; this is equivalent to more than one whole day of non-stop video every minute, and a decade of video every day (according to social skinny data)
  • Every day, about 4 billion YouTube files are viewed globally
  • Each month, total YouTube viewing hours accumulate to a staggering 3 billion hours
  • YouTube had more than a trillion views in 2011
  • It has been translated in more than 54 languages and it is localized in 39 countries
  • It has more than 30,000 partners coming from about 27 countries
  • YouTube mobile performs better with about 600 million daily views
  • In 2011 YouTube traffic from mobile gadgets tripled
  • Tens of millions of blogs and websites have embedded YouTube files in their pages
  • About 500 tweets per minute contain links to YouTube files
  • YouTube videos have been rated 50% most of the time and millions favorite the files every day
  • Every minute there are about 700 YouTube files shared via Twitter
  • It is the third most viewed websites, trailing behind Facebook and Google at 2nd and first respectively
  • About 30% of users are from the US, the rest are from various countries across the globe
  • It’s a 30-70 rule; 30% of the videos get 99% of the views. The remaining 70% shares 1% of the page views
  • Every week 100 million people socially acts on the videos via shares, comments, and likes.

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