Get Target Web Traffic From Different Ads Networks

September 23, 2014

It is important to have varied methods to get target web traffic in order to increase your chances of capturing more visitors to your website. If you are planning to buy traffic, there are different ads networks to choose from. Knowing your choices can help you decide which advertising network to use that is well suited to your business needs.

Common Ads Networks to Choose From

Pay per click advertising networks (text ads/image ads/banner ads)

PPC advertising is one of the common advertising platforms that are effective in generating massive targeted leads. The main principle is simple; you will only pay for every click on your ads. Payment may vary from pennies to dollars, depending on the keyword popularity. Therefore, the higher the demand for your target keyword terms, the higher will be your costs.

Pay-Per-Click advertising comes in varied forms. The common type is banner ads. People will see your advertising banners, either at the top or bottom, or at the sidebar. Costs also vary based on the banner placement. Normally, above the fold banners, the ones displayed just below the headline or the blog title, are more expensive than footer banner ads shown at the bottom of the webpage.

Another type is image ads. These are plainly images that once clicked by the viewers will lead them to your site. This may be similar to banners, but this is different since banners may contain words and call-to-action statements. Image ads are best used for capturing adult traffic.

You may also opt for text ads, also referred to as contextual ads. These text ads are inserted within the body of the content. Some people encourage choosing text ads since they don’t look like advertisements at all, but referrals from the author. However, some are getting higher click-through-rate from banner ads. Nonetheless, split-testing different types can help you determine the best type of PPC advertising that can generate optimum results.

What is good about this method is that regardless of the number of times your banner ads are seen by people, you will only pay if they click on your ads. Thus, this is good for gaining massive exposure for your brand name since people will know about your business through your banners or images, without you having to pay for the exposure unless they click on your ads.

Social Media Advertising Network

Facebook is one good example of social media ads network. It runs its own advertising within the network with more than one billion global members. Twitter has its own advertising network, as well.

Mobile Ad Networks

Not all ads are meant for mobile views. In online advertising, there are unwritten rules with regards to the size of the banner ads. They must not completely block the view of the website visitors of the content of the site. That is why most big banners won’t simply fit to mobile views with limited screen size. This is where mobile advertising comes in. The ads were expertly design to fit in to mobile views without fully obstructing the content. So, if you are targeting the mobile audiences, then you should opt for mobile advertising.

Affiliate Ad Networks

There are many advertising networks with affiliate programs. A popular example is Google Adsense, which has two types of membership – Publisher and Advertiser. Members with Publisher account will take care of displaying your ads in their blogs, and they get to earn affiliate commissions from every click, action, or impression on your ads.

Ads networks with plenty of affiliates give you higher guarantee that your ads will be seen by much wider audiences, thereby giving your brand massive exposure to the public.

Blog Ad Networks

Also a good way to do advertising is through blog ad networks. This is a specialized type since your ads will be displayed within the blogging networks. These networks have substantial connections with popular blogs enjoying massive monthly hits where advertisements are displayed.

A remarkable advantage of adverting in blogs is higher click-through-rates and better conversion. Your ads will be displayed along with niche-related contents, thereby capturing website targeted traffic. As a result, you will easily convert traffic into sales.

Rich Media Ad Networks

Rich media advertising is a cross-promotion of media ads among different platforms for better advertising coverage, allowing you to expand your business to other networks and untapped markets. This also comes in different types such as interstitial ads, contextual advertising, pop ups, pop-unders, footer ads, and mobile advertising, among others.

Video Ad Networks

This type of advertising specializes on video ads, much like the commercials that you see in the TV. A good example is YouTube’s advertising network. Unlike before, YouTube is now loaded with ads. You may be annoyed but almost every time you watch a video in YouTube, ads will be displayed first prior to viewing the content. You can opt to skip the ads by only after 5 seconds of running.

Therefore, if you want to advertise in YouTube, you have to make good at the first 5 seconds of your advertisement; this is your only chance to attract more viewers to stay and watch your entire video. If the viewers don’t like the first 5 seconds of your ads, many will skip it to immediately watch the video that they like to view.

Email Ad Networks

Email marketing is one of the effective online marketing techniques with higher conversion rate. This is due to the fact that members in the list are laser-targeted to specific niches. On top of that, subscribers voluntarily opted to join the list, and they also have the freedom to opt out. So those who remained subscribed are really interested to get regular emails because they believe that the contents are beneficial and truly helpful.

Email ad networks are specializing in displaying ads within emails without looking ‘spammy’ to the subscribers. While banner ads are sometimes used by several networks, the ideal type is contextual ads, which gets higher CTR. This is a good advertising method to generate targeted traffic, as well.

Tips on Advertising

Having a lot of ads networks to choose from may give you extended flexibility, but it can be confusing at first to choose the ideal type to implement. Certainly, sufficient knowledge is imperative prior to advertising. In PPC, for instance, you need to have ample know-how on keyword research in order to be able to target the right search terms to capture target web traffic. Otherwise, you will end up on a losing end spending much dollar on clicks that fail to convert traffic into sales. The same is also true with contextual ads.

In banner advertising, you also need to consider two important major elements, which are design and call-to-action statement. Your statement should be compelling for the viewers to click your ads, while the design must be effective in capturing attention at the same time. In essence, don’t immediately jump in to the bandwagon of advertising without getting enough knowledge about the method and the system of the different ads networks.

If you want to quickly increase website visitors and bypass the learning stage, a good alternative would be to purchase traffic from trusted paid traffic services that will do the advertising on your behalf. Some traffic sellers have extensive networks for cross promotion. Upon subscription to one of their plans, they will place ads in networks related to your site, and only those who click on the ads will be redirected to your website. As a result, you will still get targeted website traffic without having to do advertising.

In any case, you can either do advertising, or buy traffic for website at a lesser cost yet still enjoying good conversion. Choose the method that fits well to the needs of your business.



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