How Can I Monitor Web Traffic?

May 7, 2015

When you have a website, there is a lot more to it, than just putting up content, images, and links. You have to do everything from advertise on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to monitoring your web traffic on a regular basis. Below you will find some tips on how to monitor your web traffic with a minimum of fuss.

Monitoring your web traffic, helps you to figure out where most of your traffic is going to and coming from. If you want to know exactly what page people visit the most on your website, then you can find that out by monitoring your traffic.

Use Google Analytics

One of the best ways to monitor web traffic is by using Google Analytics. It is considered the best when it comes to web traffic monitoring and it is absolutely free, so you cannot go wrong using it.

Filter Out Your Own Traffic as Well

Since you know your site like the back of your hand, you can filter out your own traffic. You know who does and does not belong on your page. There are plenty of instructions online to help you learn how to filter your own traffic, so make sure that you follow the instructions.

Pay Attention to Google Analytics

Some points that you will want to pay attention from your reports from Google Analytics are listed below.

  • Number of visits to your site
  • Number of visitors, because there is a difference in someone visiting your site and a visitor that comes back more than once
  • Monitor your bounce rate, which is how many people leave from your home page, instead of looking around at her pages on your site.
  • How long visitors stay on your site, the longer they stay the more likely they are to return
  • Visitor flow, which is where they go when they are on your site
  • The location of where your visitors are from
  • How people are finding your site
  • Track the goals and events that are doing the best on your website. For example, if you get more traffic from surveys than giveaways, you will want to do more surveys.

Find the Right Program

There are many different programs out there to help you track your web traffic to your site. If you find the right one for you and your website needs, then you are set for a while. Do not forget that running a website takes a lot of work and dedication. You will want to have a ton of both if you expect to succeed in the cutthroat world of the Internet.

These are just a few tips to help you do monitor the traffic coming to your website on a daily basis. Remember to work hard, keep track and use Google Analytics to help you get the right amount of traffic coming in on a daily basis. It is hard to create your own website, but with these tips, you are bound to succeed.



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