How does Your Landing Page Influence Web Traffic?

November 30, 2015

When using hyperlinks to generate traffic to your site, you have to make it count. The page that a visitor lands on when clicking on your link can make or break how well you can get a good quantity of visitors. Decide if you want to send viewers to your homepage or another page of importance. If so, think about the important aspects that you want listed and how it will encourage visitors to pay attention to your business.


Get straight to the point

Your home page is crucial to the integrity of your business. It should set the tone for what the rest of the website has to offer. If you want people viewing your home page, make sure the content is interesting and entails what you have to offer. Although, the home page may not be your best bet if you chose this route.


Submitting emails

For a viewer, landing on a page where they are encouraged to leave their email will increase their curiosity in your business. It will show that you are serious about having their support and they will eventually leave their contact information. You have to follow up on your end and email them helpful information, offers, and other things of that nature. Web traffic will come easier because people will want to hear what you have to offer directly from the source.


Linking is good thinking

You should be active on different forms of social media. On sites like Facebook and Twitter, you are able to share links. Link your active followers to the right place. Having them navigate your page for themselves is not a useful idea.


Sharing would help

Having your visitors on the right page, would potentially help for future shares of your website. After being satisfied with our service and the content that they have read, a potential customer may want to share to their own audiences. This, of course, is very beneficial to you and you want this to happen.


Give them the FAQs

One place users go to in order to find out more about what a business has to offer is the frequently answered questions section of your site. Here your visitors get a look at what others had to ask and how well and accurately you were able to answer. This is a good landing page that would generate a significant amount of traffic.


Why it’s a necessity

A good landing page is just one of the many tools to ensure that you have increased web traffic. You need the traffic to show that you’re just not just some random site taking up space on the internet. Make sure viewers land somewhere that allows them to make a decision about how they want to proceed with your business. Have them do something, ask a question or anything that will keep them engaged and interested to continue.
Web traffic should be an important goal to you. Another important goal should be providing a reliable and effective service to your customers. Having a good landing page will be the difference in whether people want to stay or leave your site.

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