How Many Pages Are Added to the Web Each Day?

March 25, 2015

If you take a look at the size of the Internet, you may just wonder how you can make a name for yourself here or how your business could possibly be successful. The number of web pages on the Internet, which continues to change, is estimated to be 4.57 billion. Now,  every minute, there are 6600 pictures uploaded to Flickr. There are 320 new accounts added to social media sites. 70 new domain names are registered. There are more than 684,000 new pieces of content added to the Facebook site. While these may seem like just numbers (and think of them all as individual pages added to the web) they are very important for you, a website owner, to think about.

Is It Even Possible to Stand Out?

There is no doubt that you may feel like you are a very small component of the Internet. Even more importantly, you may feel as though there is no way you are going to be able to compete. But, you can and you will. The fact is, when you create a website, launch a business, post on social media, or interact in any other website online, you need to do so in such a way that you will stand out. Standing out is possible and likely if you know what steps to take and how to make sure every page you post online is one that gets attention where it should.

Tips to Stand Out Online

Use these tips to help you to stand out online. What you’ll find is that the more you do so, the more people learn about you and the more readily the Internet finds you, too.

  • Become a resource. Instead of just focusing on making money, become a resource that others can turn to when they need information on the topic you have to offer. That is, you need to become the expert. You can stand out significantly by doing this both with web search engines and with your visitors. Provide content that is useful and detailed. You’ll not only get more traffic, but you’ll get more referrals and improve business karma across the board.
  • Be as social as possible – in a good way. You want to be the social butterfly when it comes to the Internet. This is critical because it allows you to reach people in an inexpensive way, grow your brand, and create improved connection points between your prospective visitors. Focusing on social networking is important, but don’t post the same old thing. Stand out with strong views, important information, and information that you develop rather than rehash.
  • Be a true version of yourself. Allow your company to develop a personality and make sure it is communicated across the board.

Yes, there are millions of websites and there are thousands of pages of web content added to the Internet each day. They are your competition, but standing out allows you to reach your audience effectively.



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