How Should I Structure My Site for Optimal Conversions?

August 6, 2015

When you’re setting up a new website, it’s important to design it to achieve the best possible conversion rate. This helps ensure that the traffic you’re driving to your site converts well, so that you can earn the money you need in order to continue to build your web business.


To structure your site for optimal conversions, it’s important to consider the following:


Know Your Target Demographic

As you build your website, it’s important to know your target audience. Are you catering to young professionals, interior decorators, restaurant owners, or someone else entirely? The demographic that you’ll be marketing to will influence multiple things about how you structure your site, so spend some time doing careful market research before launch. This will help you to be sure that your site is designed with your potential customers in mind, so that you can experience optimal conversions.


Avoid Decision Fatigue

If there are too many things for a person to choose from, they may opt not to make a decision at all and to click away instead. Limit decision fatigue on your site by only providing a few product options and by highlighting the most popular. If there is a specific option that’s most profitable for you, or a certain choice that you’d prefer to heavily promote to your customers, consider visually highlighting it as an option so that the decision is easier to make. Use textual and visual elements in your site design to limit decision fatigue and make it easier for your visitors to make a choice between the products that you offer.


Show All Physical Products Clearly

Website owners that ship and sell physical products should focus on clear, crisp imagery. Have a professional photographer take shots of your products whenever possible and affordable, and consider using unique photo angles and backgrounds to add interest to the images. Be sure that the photos you post on your site show the products that you carry clearly, so that a potential customer can be sure about what they’re purchasing, how big it is, what color it is, and more. If these details are difficult to determine from the photo alone, be sure to add them to the product description.


Provide High Quality Product Description

Site owners that offer products and services should also be willing to invest in high quality product descriptions. Don’t rely on stock descriptions for your products, as this may cause you to be hit with a duplicate content penalty. Instead, work with a web traffic firm or a professional writer to create unique product descriptions that are exclusive to your site. This will boost your rankings, improve your conversions, and add a unique look and feel to your website that sets it apart from your competitors’ sites.


When you’re ready to build a website that converts, consult the friendly professionals at Buy Fast Web Traffic. They can advise you about the exact elements you’ll need on your site to help web traffic convert, so you can earn the money you want and need.


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