How to Choose the Right Time for Web Traffic

July 30, 2015

There are many tips and points that people make about a given situation or concern in the business world, same as in other fields of study. At Buy Fast Web Traffic, we pride ourselves in providing you with the most affordable and durable material to ensure that your website fits the needs of you and your company or business. Here are some of the myths and worst tips about how to generate website traffic that have been circulating the Internet:


#1 Use of Keywords EVERYWHERE

This is known as “keyword stuffing,” which is a myth that SEO tools fed on as an essential metric to obtain more web traffic. IT is true that using keywords raises the probability of web surfers seeing your website more often than others, but keyword stuffing is NOT a priority method choice. It can appear as unprofessional and spam to readers, and Google has been none to penalize certain domains for keyword stuffing. Focus more on relative context more than the number of keywords.


#2 Homepage should have EVERYTHING

You risk damaging your homepage outline and decreasing web traffic by cluttering your homepage with unnecessary images or content. It makes it difficult for the value proposition in search engines to rank your website at a certain level of popularity. Thus, negatively influencing your webpage and making it appear less in searches. It could also turn readers away from your site because the cluttered content would slow down the load time. Only keep important things on your homepage and then use a navigation pane to place your other content on separate pages in an organized fashion.


#3 Post on EVERY Social Media Source

As a businessman or woman, you do not have the time to go through every social media platform and follow or join. Choose the platforms that fit most appropriately to the audience that you are trying to attract, and then give the responsibility of maintaining the status to an employee or office supervisor. For example, non-profit community-based companies will focus on making their presence known on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even LinkedIn.


#4 Paid Campaigns ALWAYS Works Best

Not necessarily true. It depends on the purpose of your company and what you prepare in a long-term evaluation plan. Think of traffic like a new car: paid traffic is the sleek, leather padded convertible you just pulled off the lot in. Your immediate reaction is “I love this!” and the spark of excitement you get is great. A few weeks or months later, it becomes just a mode of transportation and the feeling wears off. Organic traffic, designed with SEO technology and quality control, is more like the classic mustang you’ve been working on for years. It doesn’t have the same jolt of energy, but once driven, you have a constant flow of satisfaction that last for a moment. Organic traffic is the best choice if you are looking to have a continuous incline of customers over time.


If you are interested in learning more about how to generate website traffic through user-friendly tactics and marketing initiatives such as keyword research, blogging, social media, and SEO, contact us today. We are willing to evaluate the current website you have and offer further advice on how to improve it for future success.

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