How to Grab a User’s Attention on Your Website

October 30, 2015

When you have put your hard work and time into creating a website, the next logical thing would be to have it viewed by potential clients. Whether you’re selling a particular product or service, you have to appeal to a large audience in a way that will have them not only viewing your website, but taking advantage of what it has to offer. People are always on the go and when they take the time to view something, they will decide if it’s worth continuing to look at in a matter of minutes. Now, you have to ensure that within those crucial minutes, you can appeal to them.


Display is everything

Layout can be crucial in generating visitors to your website. For example, if someone were to go to a particular website, the background was just white, and there was just text, they probably wouldn’t want to come back. The best thing that you could do is add color, add some images, and other things to appeal to their senses. Do not just add random colors or random images; make it relevant and keep to a certain color scheme.


Write the Right Words

Scanning a page is something that happens frequently. Within that scanning time, the brain is able to pick up on any interesting points. You don’t want to give away everything that your product or service entails within the first paragraph. However, put in some good points that summarize what you have to offer and bold some terms to keep their attention.


Comparing is Caring

Chances are, your product or service is not the first of its kind. The internet is filled with many websites trying to lure in customers. What makes yours better? Do your research on similar sites and voice to your audience how your product or service is different or better than other competitors are.


For Examples

Analogies are helpful. Make relevant examples that show how your product and service can appeal to your visitors. Make sure that it highlights the point that you were trying to make. It will be helpful to use “for example” “for instance” “what if” and other phrases that will elicit the same meaning.


Keep it simple

Use simple words to grab viewers’ attention. Don’t try to flaunt a fancy vocabulary to impress those who visit your site. Another helpful tool would be to not oversimplify your content. Remember, your potential clients do not want to feel like they are being judged.


Be Honest, be Direct

Honesty is usually always the best policy. Lay your cards all out on the table. Tell visitors what your product or service does and how they would benefit from it. There’s no need to sugar coat things or mislead people either.
These simple steps can help you grab a user’s attention quick. Ensuring that they stick by you and your service is the next thing on your list. You can look up other helpful tools to grab visitors’ attention and you can do your own homework by looking at different websites.

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