How to Improve a Bounce Rate

October 6, 2015

Any online website’s main goal is to get more people onto the site, but getting them to stay once there are there can be very hard to do. Bounce rates are one of the most commonly discussed concerns related to website marketing and search engine optimization. However, when it comes to reducing the number of people that get to your site and leave, it is important to take into consideration a few key factors. It is important for you to consider your bounce rate, what it means, and what you can do to improve it.

Address Why You Have a High Bounce Rate

First, think about what is happening – why do you have a high bounce rate in the first place? This generally is due to one of two things. It generally means that you are getting the wrong kind of traffic to your website. Second, you are getting the right people to your site, but they are not reacting to the site in the way that they should. That may be due to factors related to the navigation, content, or effectiveness of the site. However, it is a good idea to focus on the most common causes of bounce rates that are high – the wrong people are getting to your site in the first place.

Tips to Making Improvements

Now, take into consideration these common causes of high bounce rates and how to improvement. In nearly all cases, you’ll need to determine if this could be the problem for your site and then react appropriately.

  • Is your site fast enough? If your site takes longer than 10 seconds to load, most visitors will leave. The fact is, people are not patient and will not tolerate having to wait for a site to load. It reduces user experience and can impact your search engine rankings, too.
  • Get rid of those pop-ups. They are frustrating and chances are good you do not like when they occur on your web searches either. They reduce user experience and cause people to leave.
  • Your site’s design isn’t the way it should be. In other words, is it hard to navigate? Ask your friends about this key factor. Tell them to find something on your website and see how hard it is for them to navigate to the right page. Your friends will stay longer than any customer will.
  • Your site isn’t mobile friendly. If this is the case, you are losing the large and growing number of people using smartphones.
  • Improve the location of your search box. This is one of the most commonly used tools on websites and needs to be easily within reach.

When it comes to creating an effective and versatile website, be sure you are monitoring your bounce rate and taking the time to make adjustments to address it. can help you with many aspects of this process and provide you with solutions for improving the overall profitability of your site.

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