How to Increase Web Traffic

May 27, 2016

A goal of all websites is to increase the traffic that it receives. Traffic is the way the success or failure of a website gets measured. Meaning, the more people click into the site, the more traffic that the site is getting. This is especially important for business owners, who rely on their websites heavily to find success in their business. There are countless ways for a person to increase the traffic that their website receives, but here are just a few ideas to try. Without a doubt, you will see a difference once you start putting these ideas to use.


  1. Up Your SEO Game


Search engine optimization is one of the major ways of increasing website traffic. But, the days of simple keywords are beginning to pass and are getting replaced by LIS terms, or long tail search terms. These allow you get more detailed with your keywords, making it easier to appear in searches for specific things.


  1. Start a Facebook Page


A Facebook page is not directly on your website, but it can draw people to it. By creating a Facebook page, you are increasing your visibility greatly. You can create Facebook ads so that you can draw more attention. When people come to your page and like what they see, then they will end up in your actual website.


  1. Submit Blog Posts to Popular Apps


There are apps that are incredibly popular with people, apps such as StumbleUpon, which gives users access to fun or informative posts that fit a variety of interests. It is a bit like a “sneak peak” of what your website has to offer which, like a Facebook page, will create interest and curiosity about your actual website.


  1. Link to Other Posts Within Your Blog


If you have multiple blog posts on the same topic, you should link them to each other, so that people can easily access all the information you have on the subject. It will make it much easier for them to get the information they desire, without having to do a number of different searches.


  1. Keep Website Up to Date


When links become inactive or irrelevant to your website, do not just leave them up,  take them down. When your website is full of dead links, people will not want to waste time clicking and clicking just to find information.


  1. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate


It is not just about making sure you remove dead links but making sure that your website is easier to use. Users are not going to want to have to spend more than a couple minutes to figure out where he was supposed to go. So, keep your website sleek and properly organized, and easy to use.


These are just a few of the ways that you can increase traffic to your website. But, again, there a dozen of other things that you can do. If you want some professional help for increasing your website’s traffic, talk to the team at Buy Fast Web Traffic, who can help you reach your web traffic goals.

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