How To Measure Your Website Traffic Results in Google Analytics

November 25, 2014

If you’re deep into the online business sphere, or even if you own an e-business, then you know how important statistics are. Statistics can show you how many people visited your web page, at what times, when was the site most frequently visited, by what categories of people and many other parameters. These all intertwined will give you a much brighter picture on how your business venture is going, and, consequently, will increase your options on making the right decisions on how your business is to be developed further into the future.

But it is bleak, there exist no practical opportunities to measure all these parameters. We we’ll have to wait for a time when we can measure all this info and use it to improve our business. Is this true? Well, up until a recent time, it pretty much was. There was a real shortage of easy to use tools that can help you measure statistics about your web page. This has all changed since the advent of Google Analytics.

If you’re alive and over three years old, then you’ve heard of Google. There’s not much to say here, it’s one of the most successful enterprises in the history of mankind. And once you hear that they offer a way to measure online statistics, you KNOW that it is simple to use and extremely effective at what it does – just like the website Google Analytics is nearly all-encompassing – it gives detailed info on Advertising and Campaign Performance; Analysis and Testing; Audience Characteristics and Behavior; Cross-device and cross-platform measurement; Data Collection and Management; Statistics just for mobile apps; Product Integrations; Sales and Conversions; Site and App Performance; and many other aspects of online statistics. You’ll agree that all this can be extremely useful for your business if you just read it and use it.

First off, there’s a basic, free component of using Google Analytics, and a Premium, paid component. It all depends on what you need and you can check the difference on the site. It’s actually pretty easy to use once you got over the short learning curve, so expect to realize a ton of things about how well your business is faring. But if you do find out that you’re having a difficult time getting to understand the intricacies of Google Analytics, then you’ll be glad that Google offers Analytics Academy & Analytics IQ for those interested in learning the field more thoroughly, and gaining a certificate that confirms the existence of their knowledge of the field once they get the hang of it. And last, but not least, Google and Analytics Certified Partners offers many seminars that show you just how you can use this life-changing service. And you can check out the You Tube channel that offers just that as well.

So, by know you should have figured it out that the measuring of your website traffic results in Google Analytics can be extremely useful for your business.What do you like the most about Google Analytics and tracking your website traffic? Let us know and send us a message!

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