How to Monitor Website Traffic

December 31, 2015

Once your website gets up and running, the work is not over. After you increase visitor traffic by buying website traffic and using social media, which traffic needs to be constantly monitored to measure the website’s success. It is important that you know how your website is doing so that you can take action and make improvements when necessary. The internet offers several free tools and tips to help monitor the traffic that websites receive.


Use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is one of the top free website analysis sites that offer several tools to measure and organize website traffic and statistics. Google Analytics shows the number of visits your website receives as well as the number of individual visitors. It shows the visitor flow of your website and gives the search habits and other websites that visitors use. It also shows how they found your website and what websites they visited before and after.


Use Stat Counter

Stat Counter is another free resource that can be installed directly on your website. Once installed on the website, Stat Counter keeps track of the amount of visitor traffic on your website as well as other important statistics such as keyword activity and analysis. There is also the option of having the counter invisible or visible on your website. Stat Counter is a convenient way to monitor internet traffic because it keeps all the statistics and information in one place.


Filter Out Your Own Traffic

It is an obvious fact that the person who visits your website the most is you. It is important to filter out your own traffic when using tools like Google Analytics and Stat Counter so that the amount of times you visit your site does not skew the results. This is done by inputting the IP address to identify your router and remove that information from the results. However, IP addresses can change over time, so it is important to constantly check your IP address to make sure that it has not changed.


Set Goals to Monitor

When using a website such as Google Analytics, it is important and helpful to set goals for the website to monitor. Having goals that are constantly monitored gives you a conversion that lets you know how well your business is doing and if improvements need to be made in order to meet those goals. Examples of goals include purchases made on your website, amount of traffic your website receives and completed registration forms. Setting goals is also convenient because it allows you to view only certain statistics about your website instead of being overwhelmed with everything.
Monitoring your website’s traffic is crucial to its ratings and success. Using free online analyzes such as Google Analytics and Stat Counter to set goals is an accurate and cost effective way to make sure your website is successful. It is also important to filter out your own traffic to your website as this will affect the accuracy of the analysis. These tips are a good place to start to make sure your website gets the traffic and the ratings it needs in order to be successful.

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