How to Tell the Difference Between Hits and Visitors When Buying Website Traffic

June 16, 2016

When you think of the words “hits” and “visitors”, the last thing that comes to mind is website traffic, unless that is what you are already talking about. When you take “hits” into consideration, it could be physical hits or it could be music hits. Those are the most popular anyways. And for “visitors”, well, you have a range that you can discuss. From family or friends coming to see you or aliens landing near you to have fun with you, visitors can also range into the wild imagination.

In this case, let’s see this as serious and talk about website hits and visits. But what exactly do they mean? Hits are the number of times that a program or website have been accessed or that it matches a certain condition. So for every time a page is accessed it is logged as a hit. Hitting is the act of visiting a page. A visitor, well, is pretty self-explanatory. A visitor is the person visiting your program or website. This determines the differences between the two.

The fun part about all of this is that when you buy web traffic, it is important that the difference between these two is determined to see where your website stands with its traffic. Deeming the amount of traffic is important for your website. When you have the ability to determine the difference between the amount of people that visit your pages versus the amount of times any one person stays on your site, you will be able to know what works within the website.

This where the bounce rate is created, worked with, and determined. Evaluating your website’s bounce rate is one of the best things that should determine what traffic is going through your pages. In getting this information, the amount of time and effort that you place into your web pages next helps you develop what needs to improve in your pages.

Now that you have the bounce rates for the visitors and hits that your website is getting, you can see what the patterned behavior is for your website. When you have one visitor that comes in often, that means that the traffic is only by one person. If that one person visits, or hits, your page 50 times in a day, then it is only one person doing this. Allowing for visitors to be counted, it shows that you have a lot of traffic.

When you get the right company that has a lot of legitimate traffic coming through your web pages, then you have a company that is not only true to their word, but you have a company that does a lot of business. Here at Buy Fast Web Traffic, we strive to not only give you the best customer service at your disposal, but give you the most professional and networked traffic for your website available. Come check out our website at and give us a call for more information about your future website needs.

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