In-depth Web Traffic Analysis

May 13, 2016

Web traffic is important to your business or company. It means that people are looking to find information about what your company is and does. Here is an in-depth look at web traffic analysis.

Start Up Traffic

Once you start your website, it may take some time to get people searching for you. You can go several months after starting a site before seeing any increase in traffic. Oftentimes is just takes time in order for your website to be found.

In order to increase your initial traffic, utilize other sources. You can post on other people’s blogs, link posts from other websites, input podcasts or interviews, and spread information through social media.

Look into Your Traffic

To best analyze your web traffic, there are several things to take into consideration. Look at visits on your website. Visits are described as the number of times people have visited your site. Remember that multiple page views per visit aren’t considered a new visit.

You can also analyze page views, which are how many pages on your site that have been viewed. You can look at them in general or you can look at the average page views, which is the average number of pages a visitor views every time they visit.

Time Spent on Site

Time on site allows you to see the amount of time a visitor spends on your site, along with the bounce rate, which is the percentage of new visitors who leave to find another site instead of staying on yours.

It’s important to look at these dynamics and consider what people are thinking by looking at the results. If there is a high bounce rate, why are they leaving and where are they going instead? Making sure the visits on your website are frequent can ensure you a successful company.

Fix Bounce Rates

Keeping bounce rates low can be an easy fix. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and creative. People will stay if they are interested. Make sure all the information you have included is up to date and relevant to the consumer. If people have a hard time understanding what your website is telling them, they will leave and more than likely fall into the hands of your competitors.

It’s also important to consider what to add to make sure people keep coming back. Post on your blog frequently and most of all, allow feedback. If you know exactly what your consumer feels, then you change or maintain your website to accommodate them.


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As you can see, web traffic has a lot of components to consider. Taking into consideration traffic rates, page views, bounce rates, and other necessary items can make your website flourish. Web traffic analysis can be beneficial to the overall growth of your company or business.


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