In-house SEO or Outsourcing: Which is better for You?

February 18, 2016

Factors like search engine ranking, website traffic, and visitor-to-customer conversions constantly change and churn. You could buy website traffic to keep up with the metrics, but you also need a hardcore SEO strategy to galvanize your online presence. You can either develop an in-house SEO team to get your website “up there” in search results, or opt to outsource your SEO requirement to an external agency.

What’s in it for me if I hire an in-house SEO team?

If you decide to have a dedicated in-house SEO team, it’ll give you advantages that cannot be matched by an external SEO agency. Here are some of the big gains from an in-house SEO team.

  • Greater control over processes
    • An in-house SEO team owes its allegiance solely to you and your business. With that kind of undivided focus, it will be highly motivated to excel and give you the best results for your business. You can ask for periodic and on-demand reports and get the answers almost instantaneously, thus mitigating risks in the bud.
  • No trust deficit
    • When you hire an external agency, there will always be few jitters, at least in the initial phase. Will my website be compromised? Will there be legal issues and a possible blacklisting from Google? Will the SEO company understand my business? On the other hand, you’ll rely and trust an internal SEO team because their proximity to your business model will give them a firmer footing to get you the results you want.

What is the downside of having an in-house SEO team for my business?

If you really want to have an effective in-house SEO team, you must be prepared to spend the big bucks. If you do not see the results and investments are too high on human, technological, financial, and time resources, you might relegate SEO to a restricted activity, which is as good as giving up.

What’s in it for me if I outsource my SEO requirement?

When you hire an external SEO agency, you can reap the following rewards.

  • Industry awareness
    • SEO agencies handle the needs of numerous businesses like yours. They will know what will work best for you and already have the necessary tools and analytical expertise to yield results within a definite time frame.
  • Changing to a different agency is easy
    • Unlike an in-house SEO team, which means a long-term commitment, you can opt out of a partnership with an external agency quite easily and switch to another (better) option.
  • Professional support
    • Since it is their core business, SEO companies go all out to retain you as their client. They keep honing their human resources and analytics to give you the best in the business.
  • Works out to be more economical
    • SEO companies have already invested in gathering all the infrastructure and workforce. When you hire an SEO company, you are only paying for their service package and not the overhead costs.

In today’s highly competitive digital marketing space, you cannot afford to push your SEO requirement to the backburner. This is in spite of having a system in place to buy web website traffic. If you have the wherewithal to have a robust in-house SEO team, that could be the better option for you. Conversely, if you are prepared to trust an external agency and only interested in the results without the rigors of managing an in-house team, going the outsource way could be your best foot forward. In either case, you could also opt to buy website traffic as a short-term cure to maintain the high number of hits.

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