Increasing Your Income From Blogging

December 25, 2014

For a long time blogging was often an overlooked resource for marketing. This is mainly due to the widespread use of blogs by anyone and everyone, most of whom were not selling anything. It began more as a medium for people to vent out their frustration, or to share their favorite recipes. Now however, it has become another useful tool in the field of online marketing using SEO and inbound strategies. Some even use the blogs as a means to earn residual income through affiliate and ad programs. They earn a bit money when people make purchases after linking through their site. This is used as a side aspect to their writing hobby, or as another facet to help increase income on the side. A large factor in how much money can be made relies on the traffic coming through the blog. Outside of building up links with other source and authority sites, bloggers can buy website traffic to help increase its income potential.


When you buy website traffic for a blog, the amounts can be a lot different than with a store.


The practice of buying website traffic for many online storefronts, especially those that are starting out, the increments tend to begin at the lowest possible. For blogging websites, especially ones that are pretty much just blogs, you may want to buy website traffic in the mid range volume to start with. While it can potentially throw off some of the analytical data for your site, as a pure blog with side affiliate links, you want to run as much traffic as possible. Quality traffic, such as the kind offered by Buy Fast Web Traffic, is guaranteed live visits from a specified target audience. You set the parameters for what the site is geared toward, and they provide traffic from pools of people who indicated interests in those areas.


Also, unlike when shop owners buy website traffic, you can continue to buy mid range levels.


When your traffic picks up from the purchase, you may find a boost from natural traffic afterward do to people liking what they found on the blog. Periodically purchasing the same mid range of traffic can help keep your rankings with search engines stable, and potentially keep the increase in traffic rolling. The trick to having a residual income with just a blog is divided into to two parts. The first, is to have up to date, relevant, well written SEO content. The second is to have as much traffic as possible. Some even take from being just a side hobby, and make their presence known through social media, connecting with readers from the blog and slowly building a following. The first part can be the hardest to begin with, while the second can be easier when you buy website traffic towards the start. As you build up your place in the niche you created, either as part of another one or in a class all your own, you can reach a point where you able to buy website traffic at the highest volume levels without having a negative impact on your search ranking whatsoever.

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