Is AdSense Traffic Safe?

October 20, 2016

Why is it that some websites make a considerable amount of money from AdSense while others can only muster a few cents or dollars and abandon their AdSense dreams midway? The decider is often website traffic. A website that doesn’t have upward of 500 hits a day is unlikely to make AdSense pay rich dividends. To get around this situation, web sites enabled with AdSense frequently buy website traffic to generate a good number of clicks on the ads. But there is a flipside to this. What if you end up buying website traffic from spurious sources? Such web traffic will do no good to your AdSense earnings and could even invoke Google’s wrath and result in a ban. To ensure that your AdSense traffic is above board and has real people behind it, you must follow certain best practices.

Check the source of your website traffic

Google enforces a very stringent procedure to keep track of cheap and illegal traffic on your website. One slip, and it could be enough to knock you out of Google AdSense. Therefore, you must double-check the source of you web traffic and ensure that they originate from trusted sources. If you are buying website traffic, confirm that the seller’s source for visitors is legitimate. Scrutinize IP addresses and restrict access if you notice anything suspicious or irregular. You might end up losing out a bit on AdSense revenue, but such checks and balances are better for you in the long run.

Guard against traffic generated by software

There are few companies there who can trick you into buying website traffic generated by software. This means that the traffic you are getting is not real and there are no real people behind the visits to your website. It can neither help you get real customers nor can it help you earn revenue from ad clicks. Such traffic can never be AdSense safe. Sooner rather than later, Google will be able to detect that something is wrong with your web traffic, and that will be that. Your AdSense account will be shut down for transgressing the terms of service. If you can ensure that your website traffic is not robotic but propelled by real humans, your AdSense account will be in Google’s good books and you have every chance of earning good revenue.

Make your website traffic grow at a natural pace

If you are buying website traffic for AdSense, it is preferable to stagger your purchase. Instead of buying a large volume at once, plan your traffic growth to make it seem like it is growing naturally with the growth of your web presence. There is nothing surreptitious about this; it’s just a healthy way to grow with the long-term plan in mind.

Is it safe to buy website traffic for AdSense?

Google AdSense will not penalize you for buying website traffic as long as it is legitimate and real. The terms mention that AdSense publishers are free to promote their website in any way including the use of a third party service to increase traffic. But the ball is in your court because the quality of traffic is ultimately your responsibility.

If you adopt these pointers while you strategize your web traffic, you will be on the right side of Google AdSense. Avoid the pitfalls by buying real website traffic from BuyFastWebTraffic to give your AdSense business a distinct advantage.

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