More Traffic Equals More Sales?

August 26, 2018

Does more traffic equal more sales? The answer is yes and no. Of course, the more traffic you have coming to your website increases the potential for more sales. And yes, getting shoppers to walk through the door is one thing, but getting them to hand over their hard-earned cash is a whole n’other matter. Do you sell a product or products they want or need? Is the presentation of your website professional, organized, and easy-to-navigate? Hopefully your answer was yes to both of these questions, in which case, you’re on the right track. But in order to take your site to the next level, you have to keep in mind some fundamental strategies that will help improve your conversion rates.

Get the RIGHT Visitors to Your Site

If you had an e-commerce site that sold shoes, you would want your visitors to have some interest in buying new shoes, right? Positioning your site for a ‘buyers’ market can be a difficult proposition, but if you target the right audience, it makes life a whole lot easier. It’s akin to fishing for tuna in the vast ocean. Before you set sail, simply knowing where tuna fish hang out can make all the difference between catching tuna or coming home empty-handed.

When you purchase traffic from us, not only are you getting high-quality traffic, you also can customize your order to fit your specific needs. With other 350 categories to choose from, you can target the right audience for your website. From computers to fashion to exotic pets or even wrestling, you’re bound to find a category that matches your website. If that’s not enough, we now offer MOBILE and STATE traffic, which allows you to target mobile device users and people who live in any US state of your choice.

Understand the Shopper’s Mind

Customers usually undergo 3 main stages of buying. The first stage starts with planning. A person plans what product to buy, what brand to choose from, the budget to allocate for the purchase, etc. The second stage involves comparing different products, reading reviews, and looking for bargains and/or exciting deals. The third and final stage is the actual purchasing of the product. Do you see any opportunity during this 3-step process? In between stages 2 and 3, is your best bet to make the conversion. According to a survey, 67% of the people who do not make a purchase during their first visit to a site will eventually buy the product later on.

A couple of tools you can use to help convince the shopper to return to your site and buy from you are exit popups and abandoned cart emails. Exit popups are kind of like a last ditch effort to get the customer to stay and make a purchase. Flash a nice coupon before they close their browser window and you could entice them to change their mind about leaving without buying. Abandoned cart emails are gentle reminders that they added items to their cart and left without sealing the deal. Timing can be a key factor with these emails. Send them out too soon and they can be a nuisance, but send them out too late and they may have already purchased from your competitor.

In addition to these tools to help increase conversions, here are some other things you should keep in mind:

  • Place the ‘Buy Now’ button in strategic areas on your site. Highlight the button and don’t make it hard for your prospects to find it. Don’t make the mistake of putting so much effort into your sales presentation where it drowns out your ‘Buy Now’ button.
  • Provide alerts for your customers when you have upcoming deals. E-mail marketing can play a huge role here. Alerts are quite effective based on surveys; about 31% of the people will eventually buy within 30 days if they are constantly reminded through alerts.
  • Add social buttons in your landing page and keep your social media pages up to date. If your page and/or products go viral, it’ll automatically drive traffic to your site.
  • Insert the social bookmarking buttons and RSS feed button in your site so that it is easy for your prospects to go back once they are ready to make the purchase. RSS feeds also help in disseminating your special offers to all your subscribers without additional efforts on your part.

The difference between running an average e-commerce store and a successful e-commerce store is knowledge. Arm yourself with information and stay ahead of the curve with tips like these and your internet business will be on the right track.

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