Myths About Buying Website Traffic

January 6, 2015

Many people who just getting into building a website, or even those who have had one for quite some time, have likely heard about buying website traffic. However, there are a lot of myths surrounding what exactly it means to buy website traffic. The misinformation can lead to a lot of confusion, or even mistrust of the practice. The following are some of the most common myths and their counter facts regarding the practice of buying website traffic.

Myth: Buying website traffic will get your site blacklisted.

There are some less than reputable sites that offer ridiculous amounts of website traffic for really cheap. These are the sort that give the practice a lot of its bad reputation at times. The truth is, if you buy website traffic from a reputable site, that guarantees more than random distribution of your link, you will get a genuine boost in traffic. The myth that buying website traffic gets your site blacklisted with search engines is based around the fact that a lot of bounce can damage your rankings in searches. Bouncing happens more frequently if you buy lower quality hits. Using a site such as “Buy Fast Web Traffic” will allow you to get less bounce for your hits because they distribute the link to people interested in the niche you specify.

Myth: Buying website traffic is illegal.

Unless specifically prohibited by your hosting agreement or provider, buying website traffic is not illegal, or subject to standard penalties. However, massive traffic purchased that is poor quality that does not target the link distribution to your site, can result in lowered search rankings. If people keeping bouncing, or clicking on then leaving your site immediately, you will get some negative response from search algorithms. In general though, it is quite legal to buy traffic for your website, though it should always be done through a reputable company with a solid review history.

Myth: Buying website traffic can reduce your natural traffic.

Boosting your traffic can actually help lead to more natural traffic buy raising your rankings with search engines. When done properly, in the right amounts and through the right sources, buying website traffic can help give your rankings enough of a boost that natural traffic will pick up more. The part where this myth springs from is when people try to boost their numbers too high, too quickly.

Myth: Buying website traffic is expensive and not worth it.

It does not cost a lot of buy quality website traffic. For 10,000 quality visitors with lower bounce rates and within a specified niche, the cost for worldwide distribution is around $25 (USD). The price per visitor gets reduced with the volume ordered, but on average, it should start around this range. If you are just starting out, or changing up the format of your website, and need a bit of help rebuilding your website traffic, smaller packages can help rebuild your ranking. As you build momentum you can slowly expand your reach even more. For most people it is well within their marketing budget and can help pay for itself over time.

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