Pay per Click versus Bought Web Traffic: What to Use

January 7, 2016

Organizations of all types and sizes are beginning to realize how much online marketing and search engine results affect their company. The reality of it all is that people are more likely to search your business online and find what they need rather than come to you face to face. As the world of online marketing continues to blossom, there are companies that are able to offer a number of different services that can increase your businesses chances of creating high web traffic and getting tons of people to look at your site. The main two forms of online marketing that seem to work for most business owners are pay per click advertisements and search engine optimization.


Pay Per Click

For those who don’t know, pay per click advertisement is a form of online marketing that allows viewers to see ads of businesses similar to the ones they have searched for in their search engines along the screen. Every time someone clicks on an ad, the business that the ad was created for gets a new viewer. The more people that click, the higher the web traffic for that company. The higher the website traffic, the greater the chances that company has of developing a strong conversion rate and when conversion rates are high, a company’s clientele grows giving them more profit.


Bought Web Traffic aka SEO

The idea of buying web traffic begins with search engines. The way it works is that there are companies who offer services that could put your companies name on the first page of a search engine. Why is this important? Well, from a business owner’s point of view, you would want high web traffic because it gives your enterprise more exposure and increases the chance of your clientele growing. When your business pops up on the first page of a search engine, it makes it easier for potential clients to visit your page rather than making them search through hundreds of pages of search results to find your website.


Which One is Better?

Deciding which form of marketing is better is sort of a decision that you have to think about in consideration of your customers. What kind of people make up an audience? This will heavily influence the type of reaction they would have towards these two different methods of advertisement. For example, older people might be a little more likely to fall for the advertisements they see on their screen. Depending on how often they use the internet, they might be more likely to analyze everything that comes across their screen including the pop-up ads. Younger people usually tend to ignore the ads that they see and go straight for whatever pops up first to avoid any spam and save time.
Each of these marketing strategies is one that works well for business owners. The truth is that the facts and numbers don’t necessarily make one of these advertisement methods better than another. It all depends on your clientele.

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