Wins 50k Visitor Giveaway Contest

July 7, 2014

We are happy to announce the winner of our 50k visitor giveaway contest, We received over 300 applicants during the contest period and had some innovative and creative websites submitted. The selection process used to pick the winner was based off the following criteria: website potential, business model, current visitors, current users, conversion niche, landing page, and overall site design. is a new site that lets you officially log your predictions (on sports, politics, pop-culture, TV shows, anything/everything you might ever have a prediction about!). Each prediction is logged with an official date-stamp, Prediction Log serial number, and “Proof of Prediction” certificate – to provide permanent PROOF that YOU CALLED IT!

Be it consciously or subconsciously, people are naturally fascinated by predicting the future – making predictions, evaluating the predictions of others, and that sense of pride that comes from a successful prediction. (Ever heard someone say “I called it!” or “Told ya so”?). And predictions are EVERYWHERE!
– Who will win: the Super Bowl? The Bachelorette? the next Presidential Election?
– What will the next big story be: on Wall Street? in Silicon Valley? in the Middle East?
– What will the hot new trends be – in fashion? in pop-culture? in technology?

HOWEVER… There exists no central vault or database to officially/securely store all these predictions. There exists no universally-recognized authority to authenticate/validate these predictions. And there exists no easily-accessible means of permanently logging predictions to provide indisputable proof of what was predicted, by whom, and when it was predicted. endeavors to be that universally-recognized authority on predictions, to provide that universally-recognized prediction storage vault, and to make it simple for anyone and everyone to officially log their predictions, with a certified date-stamp, time-stamp, and PredictionLog serial number, to provide permanent and universally-recognized PROOF THAT YOU CALLED IT!


Again, congratulations to the winner and we wish much success in the future.

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