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February 4, 2014

Some so-called “experts” may advice against purchasing websites to your site, but the truth is there is really nothing wrong if you want to buy internet traffic. In fact, Google has a set of guidelines to webmasters planning to use this method to increase site traffic so that their activities will be aligned with Google’s guidelines on purchasing traffic. By following the rules, you will minimize the risks, as well. Here are some of the guidelines to follow.

Guidelines to Buying Traffic


Avoid Getting Traffic from Bad Sites

Bad sites, in traffic perspective, are those networks involved in traffic manipulation activities. One good example is the traffic exchange network where people here are visiting each other’s webpages. There are usually membership networks where members visit other blogs to earn credits that they can use to get traffic.

Credits are usually in the form of number of visits from other members. Some networks give 1 credit per visit to another site. Therefore, members will usually aim to visit as many blogs as they can in order to get the same number of hits from other members, as well.

Apparently, this type of traffic is non-productive since many of the visitors have no intention of staying long in your site. Instead, they will wait for about 20 seconds or more before they will hop on to another site. This kind of visitors will not do further actions on your site, or even hit the purchase button, unless you have some contents that are truly engaging and attention-grabbing. Since they will only visit one page of your blog, then apparently your bounce rate will increase, which is bad for your search engine ranking.

Another so-called bad site with retrospect to traffic is the paid-to-click sites. These are networks where members are paid pennies for every webpage view. The effects of getting people to your site from these networks are similar to the effects of traffic from exchange networks, which are to the disadvantage to your search engine optimization. In worst case scenario, your blog may possibly be banned or de-indexed in the search result as a consequence or penalty.


Stay Away from Getting Fake Visitors

You must also stay away from subscribing to traffic companies that will send fake visitors. These are usually bots programmed to visit blogs. Certainly, thses visitors are redundant. Definitely, they will neither give you a single sale nor click on your ads. They will neither convert, as well. Their only importance is to increase your traffic counter to give a false impression of popularity among your targeted website visitors.

But people nowadays don’t trust counter hits since they can be easily manipulated; so, there is no point buying fake traffic that do not convert. You will only end up on a losing end if you invest on the services of such traffic providers.


Observe the Google Checklist

Google provided a checklist that you can follow and observe when purchasing targeted site traffic. By following these rules, you will minimize the risk of getting penalty from the search engine giant.


Check the Partner-Networks of the Provider

It is important to know the company you will be forging partnership for a limited time to increase traffic to your site. You can easily assess the quality of their services through the quality and reputation of the companies they are partnering with. For instance, by knowing that a particular provider is in alliance with a traffic exchange network, then this clearly tells you that the visitors that you will get from such provider may not be good for your site.


Are There Traffic Reports

It is important to know the details of the traffic being sent to you. This includes but not limited to the daily number of visits, the traffic sources, and the device used by your website visitors. Not wall traffic providers will give you the report, so stay away from such companies.


Check the Daily or Weekly Flow of Traffic

Getting all your bought traffic by bulk and in an instant is not helpful to your site. Instead, make the flow of traffic natural by scheduling the inflow daily or weekly. Some agencies will allow you to customize the daily traffic flow; use the services of these providers, while avoiding those will buy unload all your paid hits in one day, which is a clear sign that the visitors are bots.


Other Tips on Buying Website Traffic

On top of the Google’s guidelines, it is also important to know some of the best practices in the industry with regards to this method. Some companies were quite successful in boosting their business performances after regularly buying hits at the right time.


Segment Your Traffic

Segmenting is a marketing strategy that proves effective in the real world. The same principle can be applied when purchasing targeted visitors. Segmentation involves effective grouping of your traffic sources by segment and identifying productive segments while weeding out the non-productive ones.

You can group your visitors by location, by gender, by age, and by interests, among others. But the common segmentations are by traffic sources and by interest. Knowing where most of your visitors came from can greatly help in better position your website to well targeted audiences.

This will help you buy internet traffic in the future with much better returns from your investment. Some traffic agencies will allow you to choose the traffic sources for your paid hits. By knowing which country converts well, you can properly customize your visitors on your next purchase that warrants higher conversion rate.


Monitor the Activities of Your Visitors

Don’t sit back and watch as your traffic grows. Instead, monitor the activities of your visitors in your site; find out what pages they are going to after the landing page, or from the webpage where they first landed. You can then optimize the page to increase the conversion, or improve other pages so that your visitors will check them out, as well.

Moreover, it is also important to track your visitors’ activities to ensure that they are not doing something illegal. You can also tell if you are getting visitors from the traffic exchange networks if most of your visitors will stay for at least 10 to 20 seconds, which is the usual minimum viewing time set by these networks to its members to make that visit valid.

You can use the Analytics Tool to determine the activities of your visitors. Find out and understand their behavior and you will soon be able to improve not just your traffic but your conversion, as well.


Optimize Your Site for Better Returns

If you are buying traffic then this also means that you are investing your money to get your visitors. So make sure that every dollar that you spend comes back to you three-fold or more. Focus on your ROI and keep on improving it by split-testing your techniques. There are many components that you can split-test for better returns, such as your traffic filters.

Aside from that, improve your landing page, as well. Buying traffic is like having a party. You are expecting massive number of guests to your site. So make sure to attend to the needs of every guest, and many of them will be happy with their experience. In the end, you will capture loyal subscribers who will regularly visit your site from time to time.

The above tips serve are your valuable guide when you buy internet traffic. Always keep them in mind, and your methods will work without flaw.

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