Setting Goals for a Web Traffic Campaign

January 21, 2016

When you have a website that provides a product or service, you have to stay in the loop at all times. Setting goals for a web traffic campaign will benefit you greatly in the long run. You must identify your audience; identify a location, and other important aspects. You must also come to terms with how much you’re willing to spend on getting web traffic.


Your Audience

Whether you are selling a product or service, you have a particular audience in mind. Those are the people that you want viewing your website and making good use of it. Think of what group of people would best benefit from your product or service. Also, think of the age group and narrow down it even more from there.


A location

Besides thinking of the age group and type of people that you want viewing your site, you have to think about where they reside. Narrowing down your target market will ensure that the visitors are more reliable. It will also prove more likely that they will make better use of your product or service.


Make sure you’re worth it

Getting the necessary visitors is one thing. You need to keep them coming. You need to make sure the content on your site is accurate and appealing to the audience that you have chosen. Add helpful information, tips, and anything to draw in their attention.


Be Realistic

If you have had some progress with visitors prior to starting a web traffic campaign, go off those numbers. Keep a chart or table of the visitors you get daily, weekly, and monthly. Try to look for patterns. Think of a realistic goal for visitors that you want. Start low, and then after you have made a lot of progress, aim higher.


Social Media Savvy

Establishing a heavy presence on social media will be good for your business. Create a Facebook page. Also, create a Twitter account as well as an Instagram account. Promoting your site through this way will also help your web traffic campaign effectively.


Stay within your budget

You do not need to spend large amounts of money to generate web traffic. There are many less costly ways of getting web traffic especially if you purchase it. Know how much your business is worth and know how much money you’re willing to put on the line for it. Remember, this is your investment and you have to make good use of it.


Keep the loyal visitors

With the visitors and customers that you may already have, make sure you do what is necessary to keep them. It is a strong possibility that given the good service or product you provide, they might spread the word about your site themselves. Add them to an email listing, answer their questions.
It’s always a good and beneficial idea to keep goals for your web traffic campaign. You have the site, you have the content, and you have the product or service. It is your job to keep visitors flowing. If you aren’t social media savvy, recruit someone who is and have them take control of that. Continue to spread the word about what you have to offer.

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