Struggling for Traffic? Follow These Tips for Help

December 6, 2016

Ask any business owner what their number one goal is and you’re sure to hear, ‘get more customers’. And it’s no wonder – customers are what drive any business, regardless of industry, product or service. It makes sense, then, that website traffic is a major consideration in how many customers a business acquires. Unfortunately, that is where most business owners struggle. If you are one of them, then follow these tips for increased traffic to your website.

  • Buy website traffic: This is a great way to get fast, targeted traffic to your website. There are several companies that can create a customized plan so that you get unique visitors that can turn into viable customers.
  • Use social media: This doesn’t mean posting pictures of your cat or the fantastic breakfast you made yesterday. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (among others) can be used to help spread the word about your company, your product or your service. Social media is all about sharing, and people will share information that they think is worthwhile. It might be worth hiring a social media manager to help with this task.
  • Write engaging headlines: You can write great content, but if you don’t have a great headline, no one will notice. You have to give people a reason to keep reading. Spend some time to create a headline that will make people want to read what you have to say.
  • Use video: Posting a corporate video helps people learn more about your company, builds customer confidence and helps with your organic Google listing. In fact, some studies show that video is so powerful that it can increase traffic to your site by more than 40 percent. You can post the video on social media, as well as your website.
  • Mix things up: Make sure you’re using a variety of methods to drive traffic to your site. This includes content marketing, videos, social media and more. Don’t forget to buy website traffic as well.
  • Guest blog: Find relevant, industry-related blogs and ask if you can contribute as a guest blogger. This will help build your brand and identify you as an industry expert. Beware, however, that spammy posts will not be received well, by the owner or by readers. Make sure you are contributing relevant information that is useful for the reader.
  • Invite others to guest blog on your site: Invite others from your industry or field to guest blog on your site. This will bring new readers to your website when they share their article with their own readers. The same rule applies here as it does when you’re blogging: make sure that the posts are relevant and not spammy.
  • Target long-tail keywords: These account for the majority of searches on the web, so don’t forget about them! Target them as part of your overall SEO marketing strategy so you don’t miss out on prospective customers.

Internet marketing has come a long way in the past decade, and there are many more options for driving traffic to your site, from using social media and blogging to choosing a company to buy website traffic from. Choose two or three methods at a time and experiment until you find the right mix for your company.

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