The Dangers of Cheap Website Traffic – And How To Avoid Them

May 20, 2014

The dream of every single online are more out there is to somehow stumble upon the Holy Grail of cheap website traffic – the kind of website traffic that is ridiculously targeted, ridiculously high converting, and the kind of traffic that only you have access to.

However, like the real Holy Grail, as this is a dream that has been lost to the sands of time – if it ever existed in the first place. You are trying to build a business and brand in the most competitive business environment human history has ever seen, and the odds of stumbling upon some “secret traffic source” that is 100% free is just not all that likely.

At the same time, there are definitely some cheap website traffic solutions out there that you can leverage to dramatically increase site traffic across the board. However, you need to be smart about using the solutions, as sometimes it makes a lot more sense to purchase website traffic than to try and get by with freebies.

There are definitely some dangers out there to cheap website traffic, dangers that you need to be aware of. We are going to break some of them down below, as well as give you the kind of information you need to find much more targeted website traffic that can boost your business in an instant (all without ever having to break the bank).

The biggest danger of cheap website traffic is that you flood your web properties, prospect pipeline, or business with low level customers

The biggest problem that cheaper web traffic sources bring to the table would have to be the fact that they almost always revolve around the lowest common denominator when it comes to prospects – and sometimes, cheap website traffic using even that targeted!

Even if you are somehow able to push millions and millions of eyeballs to your website with a cheap traffic generation tool, you’re probably going to have an abysmal conversion rate just because of how untargeted these solutions are. And if by some miracle you find a way to push their hot buttons with some fantastic copy or a dropdead killer offer, you’re probably going to be staring down a ton of customer service requests and refund requests – just because you’re dealing with the “lowest hanging fruit”.

This is just the way it works online, for whatever reason, and is something that you’re going to have to square to when you try to increase site traffic for free. Not all free traffic sources are this bad, obviously, but just a quick Google search will show you just how many horror stories people have had to contend with.

The other big danger of cheap website traffic is that it locks you into a “Scrooge mentality”

The other danger that you really have to try to avoid when you are locked into the mindset of cheap traffic is that you don’t allow it to permeate into other areas of your business.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with leveraging cheap traffic sources in the early stages of your business, especially when you just don’t have the money to invest in better sources of traffic or simply aren’t aware of how to purchase website traffic that will be useful and effective.

On the flip side, there is something very wrong with people that have built lucrative businesses online that refuse to invest in their success simply because they cannot spend money on something as critical as traffic generation solutions – which can happen if you rely on or lean on free traffic sources all the time.

Free traffic sources can poison your business building mentality if you allow it to, so make sure that you are constantly and consistently investing in your business as often as you can.

The best cheap web traffic comes from a value that you create and then provide free of charge

Don’t get suckered into another “$15 for 15,000 unique visitor” deal peddled by some less than ethical search engine optimization so-called expert – they are almost always scams that will cause you to lose just a bit of money, but a tremendous amount of time.

Instead, focus on creating amazing value that you can share freely through any different number of avenues open to you – generating traffic with something worthwhile that you refused to charge for. This will help your profile grow in your marketplace much more quickly than it would have otherwise, and can also pay enormous dividends later down the road. This is the best way to purchase website traffic without having to spend any money whatsoever, and is sure to generate targeted website traffic in ways that you hadn’t expected or anticipated before!

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