The Difference Between Natural and Purchased Website Traffic.

December 9, 2014

In the world of online marketing, the driving goal is to generate quality traffic that results in increased sales. The sales will either come through your website, or in the form of increased business as a result of your online marketing campaign. Traffic that comes from none paid for sources such as social media presence, link building and SEO is considered natural. One question that often arises, especially if analytical reports show a drop in traffic, is what you can do to rekindle your website traffic. The first step you should take when trying to diagnose and issue with your website traffic, is to review all the typical areas.


The first thing to check is for algorithm updates.


At times the algorithms are updated and the changes can cause your rankings to drop in search results. If this is the case you may need to re-optimize your website. Another area to inspect is your mobile optimization. Unless you began with a responsive web design, there is the chance that whatever mobile version of your website you have up, may be having issues. The rising increase in mobile usage has made keeping up with a mobile friendly site a must to maintain traffic. After all these things, if there is still an issue with your traffic, and your social feeds are in operation as well, then it may be time for another possible fix.


At times you may need to buy website traffic to help you get back on track.


Purchasing website traffic from a trusted and reliable source that can provide genuine traffic from screened groups can not only give your website a boost, it can help it regain lost natural traffic. Traffic drops are not uncommon, if you missed the changes in an update and did not update your SEO to keep up with it. If your mobile site goes down, without you being aware of it, you may also experience a severe drop in traffic. It is important to take time and perform regular maintenance to your website by keeping up with SEO and ensuring all links are valid.


Things to keep in mind about purchasing website traffic.


When you buy website traffic to help recover from losses and in natural traffic, it is important to purchase a reasonable amount. You want to get your traffic back up to its high point before dropping off. When you purchase website traffic that is already targeted to your niche or website category, it can help renew the general flow of traffic. This is especially true when your website remains primed to continue its business work flow. It is also a good idea to keep connected with your social media. Giving a nod out to followers, especially if you had any technical issues that were fixed, is always a good way to help sped up the traffic recovery. Between the stimulation that comes from when you buy website traffic, and the notice of problems being resolved, you can see a quicker return to natural traffic, which can be better for sustained rankings in searches and new business.

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