The Pros and Cons of SEO Revealed

January 26, 2016

It’s almost impossible to talk about website traffic without mentioning SEO. In fact, when it comes to ways of improving traffic, it’s probably the first (or only) thing that pops into most people’s minds. It’s a useful, accessible tool, that’s for sure. But both beginners and professionals tend to overestimate its importance and capabilities. We’ll attempt to explain its main characteristics, both positive and negative.

Pro: It’s Free.

Sure, you can buy website traffic, but most small businesses (and even some transnational!) go for SEO. You don’t directly pay for the service, so it’s considered “free”. It seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Why should you pay for online traffic when you can avoid it? Well, there’s an answer for that later in this article, so keep reading!

Pro: You’ll Target People Who are Actually Looking for You

There’s no point in giving your URL a ton of exposure if nobody’s going to click on it. The way SEO and search engines work, you’ll end up attracting visitors who more or less want to be on your site. If someone googles “fun places for singles Washington DC” and through the magic of SEO your bar’s website is one of the first results, then obviously that’s a good thing. Perhaps he wasn’t thinking about bars when he started searching, but your website and product do fulfill his needs anyways. He won’t treat your URL like spam, but rather he’ll probably click on it and check you out. In other words, your advertising directly to the people who are asking to be advertised to.

Con: It Takes a Lot of Time to Work

Most people don’t seem aware of this, but SEO takes time to translate into results. A really, really long time. In other words, it’s a long-term investment at best. When you buy website traffic, you start seeing the results right away. With SEO, it’s a waiting game without so much as a referential date. And that’s without taking into account the time and human resources you’ll spend on it.

Con: It Only Works Sometimes

This one’s the real heart-breaker. So, you read up on SEO, you applied it, you waited many weeks, and… it didn’t work. You didn’t get any traffic from it, at least not a substantial amount. Why? What happened? Did you do anything wrong? The full answer is a little more complicated, but keep it short: chances are it’s not your fault. Your immediate goal for using SEO is landing on the first page of results. Well, there’s really no guarantee of that ever happening. There’s not much you can do about it either, other than practically starting over. Sure, other options cost money, but would you rather pay a small fee for a sure thing, or rely on a free service with no guarantees?

As you can see, despite the way it’s usually portrayed, SEO isn’t the ultimate traffic solution. If you truly want quick, guaranteed results, it’s safer to just buy website traffic. Now go ahead and turn your website into the next big thing!

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