Three Factors That Influence Bounce Rate

May 28, 2015

Increasing the traffic to your website is the name of the game, if you want a successful website that leads to tons of views, and therefore tons of sales for you. Many people don’t realize that getting people to visit your website is only a part of the battle. The second half of the battle comes in trying to make them stay. If people are clicking on your website then clicking right back off, you are just wasting all of the time and money that you spent to set it up.

What you need to be worried about to make that happen is your bounce rate. Google defines your bounce rate as being the percentage of single visits where the viewer left your site at the landing page, instead of looking around. Below you will find three factors that influence your bounce rate.

Load Time

Your page should take no more than four to six seconds to load, period. No one likes to wait, and slow load times often result in people giving up and going somewhere else. You need to check your site for HTML errors, because they can greatly increase the load time. If you click on the link to your website and all it does is sit and spin, then you need to fix it. Your bounce rate will triple if people have to wait very long to see what you are offering to show them.

Target Group or Audience

Nothing influences your bounce rate more, and can decrease your sales, than your advertising reaching the wrong audience. Your bounce rate will go through the roof, if you are reaching the wrong audience. For example, if your target audience is young women, and you are getting women over 45 looking for anti-wrinkle cream, then your bounce rate will increase. You need to make sure that your advertising targets the right audience if you intend to succeed.

High Quality and Up to Date Content

You need to know that most online viewers spend less than 60 seconds navigating a site. If they don’t see anything that interests them, they will quickly navigate to some other site. The best way to decrease your bounce rate and get the sales that you need is by having content that is of the highest quality and up to date as well.

No one wants to visit a site where the content is months old and doesn’t seem to be relevant to the products that you are trying to sell. If your content is tired and old, then your bounce rate is going to be high and you will never get your website up and running the way that you want too.

These are just three factors that influence the bounce rate of your website. From making sure that you have high quality content to having a load time that is only four to five seconds, these tips can help to decrease your bounce rate in no time at all.


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