Tips for Keeping Guests on Your Website

January 21, 2016

After a lot of planning, research, studying, design, and content creation, your website has gone live! Congratulations! You’ve already gotten your first clicks and some attention. Perhaps even a sudden surge in popularity after someone shared a link. Exciting, isn’t it? But before you get carried away, remember: the difference between an isolated click, and someone truly exploring the content of your site and coming back another day, is gigantic.

How do you Achieve it?

First of all, you need to make an interesting website where people will want to spend a good chunk of their time. Sounds obvious, huh? As hard as it may be to believe, many starting sites make the mistake of going live before they’re truly ready to handle the responsibility of delivering on their promises.

A blog, webcomic, or news site cannot survive without scheduled content. You can’t maintain the popularity of a comedy site without new sketches, pictures or articles. Whether it’s daily or weekly, visitors need fresh reasons to come back. If someone visits a site a couple of times and it always looks exactly the same, trust us, he won’t be coming back. There’s way too much competition to allow yourself to fall behind.

If your website is constantly being updated or improved, and you can handle the responsibility of maintaining that, you can buy website traffic. It’s a good alternative for businesses of any size, but smaller websites tend to shy away from it. Nonetheless, it’s a powerful tool, so make sure to consider it. SEO is another good option, but it’s not as reliable or fast. Also, when you buy website traffic, you have more control over it. Still, a mix of both is probably the best option.

Last but not least, everyone should know the importance of social media by now, but make sure you implement it correctly. Many people rely on sites like Facebook to remind them of other people’s birthdays, find out about social events or keep up on the news. There’s nothing like reading your feed and finding out that one content creator you like has updated his site. Take advantage of that. However, be extremely careful not to spam your followers. Post important updates only, if you fill their feed with a dozen posts they’ll probably stop following you for good. Newsletters used to be all the rage, but they see limited use nowadays. However, some websites benefit greatly from them (including online stores).   Remember, try to avoid spam!

Guests are the life and blood of your website. Without them, you might as well stop paying those hosting fees. Getting them to visit your site is already difficult, but giving them enough motivation to stay can feel like an impossible task. We’ve given you some basic ways in which you can improve your chances, so go ahead and implement them! Make a great, reliable site. Advertise on social media. Use SEO. Buy website traffic. Use every tool at your disposal and turn that website of yours into a massive success.

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