Top 5 SEO Mistakes You could be Making with Your SEO

January 7, 2016

Running your company is an American Dream that can be easily made or broken through the traditional power of communication between two people. Word of mouth is a reputation builder when it comes to breathing life into your business.

When you bring your business online, investing in Search Engine Optimization can be the best “worth of mouth” that you need. But be warned, mistakes may be made and you would never even know about it.

Here are 5 common mistakes that you could be making with your SEO.

  1. Creating duplicate content. When the same content appears on two or more URL’s, the information may be ranked lower, therefore allowing for less traffic to process through your website. This may cause you to produce thin content, thus many of the website’s pages look the same.
  2. Acting on rumors. Finding credible sources to verify the validity of rumors that may make or break your website. If you find something to be a trendy way to direct more traffic to your domain, find credible sources that will validate the rumor.
  3. SEO Investments at the wrong time. You want to make sure that you invest correctly in the amount of SEO content from the beginning instead of waiting to make sure that the SEO will produce the right amount of traffic. If you choose to invest in the SEO after you’ve already established your website, it will start you from the bottom when your company has already flourished. Invest from the beginning and work your way up, along with your traffic, at the same time.
  4. Not configuring your content management system correctly. Make sure that your content is unique and search engine friendly. Allow for content to be shown as an individual entity. Also, don’t just focus on the SEO’s ability to produce more traffic for you. When you set your sights on just maximizing your SEO content, you may lose sight of the end user’s needs. Make sure there is a balance between the two ends.
  5. Not optimizing for local search or with correct keywords. When you want to focus on a specific market through region or material, make sure your keywords include that area, but not just generic keywords. Make sure you use specific phrases to help in the SEO’s ability to track your specific site.

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